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Battle royal mode
This is a future ruled by Enkaro. Be careful, as the darkness greatly limits your vision. Now i shall explain to you what battle royal mode is. First, you will need to know the skills needed for battle. Once you select a skill, you cannot change it, so choose wisely. Now, i shall explain character and weapon levels. The nu,ber to the left of the HP bar is the character level. The information on the right is the weapon level. This is how to power up your character and weapon levels. Upon defeating a monster, your character level and HP increases. They often drop weapon enhancement stones and items. You automatically pick up weapon enhancement stones by touching them.

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Weapon enhancement stones increase your weapon level. This way you can learn new skills or enhance current ones. After a set period of time, the Hermit will appear. They army be weak, but they drop useful legendary items. There are 3 types : gloves, shoes, and belts. Compare it with your equipped equipment and change it. You can drop unneeded items on the ground. Hold down on the item and drag it to the trash can. Dropped equipment and items cna be picked up again. Make sure to keep this in mind.


A competitor appears! Even when they are beyond your vision, you can still detect their direction and how far they are. Follow the sound of their footsteps and defeat them. Your character level increases upon defeating an opponent. Aiming to defeat them early on is a good strategy. Sector 1 will be closed off soon! The outside sectors are closed off first in battle royale. Quickly move to the next sector. You can see the remaining time until a sector is closed. You will die by the hands of the death God once a sector is closed, so you must keep an eye on this timer. There are many doors that lead to the next sector. However, they do not open all at once. The doors connected to the next sector are marked on the mini map. The door will automatically open once you approach the circle near it.

Field of Vision

Upon defeating the surveillant, they drop a Lantern. They increase your field of vision, so make sure to acquire it. It will surely be useful for your survival, so do not forget it. Next, i shall teach you hot to use items. You can acquire up to 2 consumable items. use items by tapping on them. It will be advantageous to use them in the right moments. Inith's torch will begin to appear in sector 2 and 3. You must claim them to make use of them. They give vision to their surroundings and have healing effects. These benefits are shared with your allies as well.
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