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A Tag Knight cheat list:
YEYVOm - dungeon key
eas5Gx - ether
RPejER - orb
cEu04C - secret mode code
pekSVb - luxury bag
Bc1IMm - free coupons
1NwHr3 - stat point pack
cElsSK - secret skin
erC19Y - fixed bug
3H27IO - evolve hack
IQ2EaE - gift code 2020
Basic info: Resting character is restore HP. Change your character strategically. Basic attack is possible to use without cool time. Support combo attack. If you want to attack a combo, you’ll have to choose the skill first hit the basic attack button. Lethal is the most powerful attack. Long cool time is reduced by combo attacks. Rolling is a useful move to avoid enemy attacks. use it to fight the boss. Tag action is a function of calling a colleague when health points is low and fighting with a certain time. Use hack cheats codes.

A Tag Knight hack

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An ether reward is given when each time you complete the mission. Ether is the basic item of the game. It is used at various costs in the game. Orbs is the special item of the game - it is used for purchasing and convenience cost in the game. You can purchase items that increase the amount of ether acquisition at the cheat code store. You can purchase items that increase the chance of critical hit at the store. The dungeon key is the necessary item for the dungeon position. Additional characters are available for purchase at orb on the character selection menu.

A Tag Knight cheats, hack codes

1. PZqawc - level up
2. TmqYXf - voucher
3. uXNrnR - shard
4. w8HWHr - free stat point
5. AAIRgo - characters tier list SSS

Level up secrets: if you want to make character stronger you have to upgrade attack, defence, HP level. Another way to make the character strong is to raise the item set level. Rebirth starts the game from scratch. If rebirth is repeated, the character becomes more stronger. The equipment made from the combine enhances the attack, HP, and defense of the character.
Guardian set cheat code - Ap4Ayn: helm, armor, gloves, shoes. As the set level upgrade, extra ether the capacity will increases. Hero set - oSBesy; warrior set hack - 3qmKbc; adventurer - bFgBaW; bracelet - zF8v6E; necklace - Cg4bTA; ring - RmQJMB; extra slot - 04UGP4.
A Tag Knight wiki
The dungeon key is the necessary item for the dungeon position. In the boss dungeon, only the boss monster appear, and the boss type is different every time. If you are attacked in the boss dungeon, you will be cursed. The curse is released by tapping on the screen. The equipment item received as a reward for the boss dungeon becomes the material oft he item set. If you choose a new character, fighting will start again from the beginning. Additional characters are available for purchase at orb on the character tier list selection menu. Press the question mark icon on the top right, and the game guide appears.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 bHKxdN upgrade
2 v5bL3S stat point
3 9oiIFo coupon
4 OWvjw2 promo code
5 vIz7yE gift box
6 lBRlkw gold coins
7 xRTBfh month card
8 u3Ivku premium pack
9 nPtrzz legendary gear
10 ah5Bce vip ticket
11 nxQ33s gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
A Tag Knight tips
Hack cheats tutorial A Tag Knight (wiki):
Characters bonus tier list: Soul eater - defense +10%; Soma Chaser - critical rate +10%; Berserker - attack +10%; Mad knife - critical attack +10% Kg2CkB - rebirth
ah6Nbf - level up: attack, defense, health points
PkAraC - auto play: goods includes auto play
dfZ857 - critical buff
Hack abPwvU - artifacts
Cheat yFPlP4 - defense buff
hfKWDa - elite ticket. Nx34RZ - exchange code
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