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One day, without warning, a dreadful omen appeared in the sky. A horde of demons was spat from hell into the land. The kingdoms of men were easily overrun by the friends. The kingdoms of men were easily overrun by the friends. The blood of innocents flooded the cities. Flames consumed everything as far as the eyes could see. But the prophecy of three heroes that will return the light and expel the darkness.
The demons from hell are destroying the world. We had lost peace, homes and loved ones. At this moment our camp is being attacked by monsters. I hope you can help us to fight them off.

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Young adventurer, i welcome you! Choose a handy weapon and help us get rid of those monsters. The spider queen’s army is constantly coming from the portal of the stone array, and the camp is in jeopardy. You must go and destroy the portal. The sacred relics code - 3zsOqb, will greatly enhance your abilities. The book of knowledge will make your combat skills even stronger. This is a magic book that no one knows how many years it’s been around. Getting it will make your skill even stronger.

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Skill tier list: Ise ball - release ice cones, dealing ice damage to 4 enemies and having a chance to lower enemy’s attack and hit by 5% for 3 seconds. Arcane burst - deals more damage and attack more targets. Ice spear - when arcane bolt is used, there is a chance to replace it with ice spear, dealing ice damage to 4 enemies and reducing the enemy’s attack and hit for 3 seconds. Arcane bolt - dealing damage to one enemy. Blade of war - sweep sword to release the aura of the sword, dealing damage to one enemy.
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valkyrie - summon a powerful valkyrie for 8 seconds. The Valkyrie will inherit summoner’s attack and HP. Spirit arrow- deals more damage and attack more targets. Ring of trial - devils and angels built rings to pass on their powers. Collect rings to gain supreme powers. Fire ring - when blade of war is used, there is a chance to replace it with fire ring, dealing multiple fire damages to four enemies.

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Write your own legend, help us to fight demons and expell the darkness.
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