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Free hack Ability Draft cheats code list - gold, energy, speed up (unlock chests), promo ticket, materials, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Ability Draft cheat world: enemy targeting and aiming is automatic. When aiming, just tap to attack. You can aim manually with a charged shot. Swipe and hold your weapon in the direction of your target to charge it. Release to unleash a charged shot. You have a stimulant kit - boost your speed with this kit. There are gas cylinders on the battlefield. They deal serious damage to nearby players when they explode.

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Sniper rifles have unique aiming system thus they are perfect for long range pick offs. Rules of engagement: choose your drop zone, find weapons and items, hunt down the other survivors, stay in the safe zone, learn the terrain and ambush survivors. The last player alive wins.

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The battles: arena auto battle - auto battles against other players; 1 us 1 - cast skill manually; elite arena - join the match with 3 fighters. An arena season lasts for 15 days. Season reards will be allocated at the end of the season.

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