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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Abyss9 Cheats
1000 glorious soul - #Uwa5tXSqh
10 types of high SSR level weapons & armor - #BMcUcD6Ka
500 stamina - #aFXHNIFlm
500000 gold - #mGwEgTv1U
5000 gems - #WmfKjppUr
30 mop-up tickets - #z97ln0p4b
1 Month Card code - #TBDMrjscn
upgrade cheat - #BoVPcqt44
SSR accessories - #HuuHg8TUB
VIP points - #YoKi0tkHB
secret combination - #RdkRQZmPx
level up - #b9gi61Nyj
300 holystone - #Yic9rOzi5
booster - #bDwbYKqU1
premium chest - #o6l8EIpY4
materials - #1ywHV4ZD7
100% transfer - #ha12bkifa
special reward - #I2uqbuof7
How & Where enter
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So glad you're awake. We've experienced hell 8 times. We tried to escape, but failed every time. Now, it's our 9th challenge. We have to get back our names from Lucifer. You probably remember a thing though. I'll be your guide.
Dungeon - you can choose the stage to challenge here. Hell is amde up of many floors. There are many stages ine ach floor. And each stage is composed of a number of areas. Stamina gets consumed every time you pass each area. Use cheats codes - instant restore stamina.
1. Strengthening requires materials. There are 4 type of materials in total.
2. Equipment strengthened above +1 can be transferred. The level must be identical or higher! Transferring will remove your current equipment. But you can transfer the currently strengthened level to the new equipment. However, the strengthened level might be lowered when transferred to a higher one. SO, be careful.

You can select a character and equipment slot. Choose the buff to use in stage. Characters do movement and basic attack automatically in battles. But if you don't move the character, clearing the stage might be tough. If you touch and drag another area that excludes the active skill area in the middle, the hero will move there. If drag after touching the active skill button in the middle, your skills can be used where you want. Since you're invincible while using skills, you can use it to dodge danger.
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Abyss9 Redeem gift code
1. NWnJH5pNnoPwl67
2. H5LldlHcr5Mehj4
3. Pox08jUKtsPCoA1
5. GuNeQkKl1kZkWrw
Hack Release Date11 September 2020
Last Modified11 September 2020
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