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When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you. If this is so called lucky...i rather don’t have. See you, commander. Please let the newcomers join the formation. A large number of infections have been detected passing the base controlled sea area. Level conditions - these tips can help you with the task. For long distance torpedo attack is recommended. Try to search the enemies with a reconnaissance aircraft.

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During the battle, the damage to the fleets will not be restored, so please be more careful. Attack can trigger the combo time. During the combo, the opponent cannot counterattack. Remember, you can avoid the landing point! Keep moving while the opponent's weapon is cooling down.
The equipment for fleet is different. With a better equipment, the combat power has increased a lot. If the operation is too tired, try using the automatic function.

Abyss Horizon cheats, hack codes

There are 3 types of construction: common, special and expand. Common card - essential materials for small construction and large construction. Fast build - use to finish the construction immediately. Month card - get 300 diamonds immediately, and get 60 diamonds and 30 merit every days for 30 days. Commander, there are still free slot in the formation, only full formation can give better use of the power.
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Abilities: rosy armor - touch off when itself gets common attack and a direct counterattack to all enemy ships. This combo causes 31% of its own fire damage pet increase by 10% when as flagship and only touch off once in each battle.
Potshoot - touch off when using the main gun in the third round, a direct blow to any of the enemy’s ships each round, it causes damage 350% of its main gun, 6 rounds in total. An extra increase by 50% when as flagship and only touch off once in each battle.
Suppressive fire - touch off when using the main gun in the second round, the main gun damage increases the combo times. An extra increase when as flagship and only touched off once in each battle.
Crimson - touch off when using torpedo, a direct attack to all enemy ships, causing 261% of own average firepower real damage.

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