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Cheat Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish hack android, ios code

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Hack Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish: cheat List
decoration points x1000 - use hack SJeL8BE6M
area recipes x10 - enter pass a2hUHaqcj
purity x1000- 7wAhUp7qe
materials - 7i9lkYNAI
air bubbles x1000 - 4VnByQjS1
speed up - JrXZbM7Pv
Month Card x1 code - aeoqlWB8V
upgrade cheat - RKcvBd11f
daily gift bag x10 - k2WiJIzGw
secret combination - ajudtCEqQ
level up - nl8UG9ixh
forge - rgtEDnEMF
special reward - WQfADzgJZ
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Game Story
Give the force of life to the sleeping Corallite. Tap the corallite unti it wakes up. Let's try looking around. Use a finger to drag downward and upward. Spread two fingers apart to zoom in. Pinch two fingers together to zoom out.
I’ve waited for so long. Thanks for waking me up from my lonesome slumber. Perhaps a friend from an ocean far away sent me a seed of life. I can feel myself be revitalized. The corallite has regained the force of life and can now produce vitality. Vitality is very important to create a beautiful ocean.
Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish Hack Basics
Tending the ocean is easy, but sometimes you may get lost. If you don't know what to do, follow the prepared story. You'll find yourself in the middle of a beautiful ocean in no time. Okay, you're now ready to summon fish. Craft items that fish like to make them come. Check craft recipes through the corallite. You can summon small fish with the recipe you currently have. You need materials to finish the recipe. Drag the material and place it in the recipe. It's easy to make a recipe, but it takes time to complete it.
Hint & Tips
1. When the Corallite makes Vitality, an icon pops up above its head.
2. The fish that are summoned can be raised.
3. Once they've adjusted to the village, a friendship icon pops up on their head. Fish that have a lot of friendship can be upgraded. Upgraded fish will produce AO.
4. AO is an important resource in decorating the ocean world. Hack more AO by summoning more fish.
5. To summon more fish, they'll need a place to rest. We'd better purify the contaminated coral and seaweed colony first.
6. The Vitality of the Corallite is needed to purify the colony.
For the fish to stay in the village, they need air bubbles. Keep in mind before summoning fish that each fish require different amounts of air bubbles. Also, purchasing a colony will increase Purity, maintaining a clean ocean. A decrease in Purity will affect fish production, so be careful. Now, let's go on a beautiful journey healing the damaged sea world alongside the Corallite.
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Abyssrium World Tap Tap Fish Redeem gift code
1. 7MW7S0os82WGaQU
2. 2vssgVRXSz1Z76L
3. hDvgr3OT7hegGeU
4. y8h9R09RV008CFi
5. HIAR9Fjo2tfQ1wB
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date04 October 2020
Last Modified04 October 2020
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