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Ace of Heroes redeem codes

The king and the people are lives, and the way of men is our legacy, it’s not your to manipulate. Bao Si seduced Fu Cai and convinced him to attack Yue Nation. You as the Liege must stop her or the course of history would be altered.
Hero morale is full, tap on the portrait to cast the ultimate. Adjust your team formation to optimize your combat. Each general has its own advantages in specific battle. Use pass sfr3e32 - invincible buff and assault back row enemy.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): A battle is much different from martial duels, we must consider the troop class advantages. Generals and troops have their own classes and advantages/ disadvantages, for example, Blade wielders are good against Pikemen. Pikemen - good against riders. Mastering the troop class advantage will certainly benefit you.
cheat, Step #2: The enemies are well trained, we need to enhance our generals, too. Attribute enhancement is the most straightforward way to increase the strength of your generals.
Armory provides 100% resource inheritance. You can dismantle unused equipment in the armory.
With more generals in the lineup, i must talk about how morale works. When heroes cast ultimate, the morale is reduced by 30, so think carefully when you decide the order of casting.
Ace of Heroes code, Step #3: Use mighty summoning supporter - thorns entangle and control thee enemy. Strategize the battlefield like Go game. Silence the enemy and join hands to control the battlefield.
A general can be promoted to improve quality when he/she is given with 4 runes. Promotion not only unlocks new skills, but new talents. Promote your generals to make combat easier.
Step #4: Direct 5 star upgrade pack: only one purchase opportunity in a lifetime if you miss it you will lose it. You have three additional buns claiming chance every day. Manage your play time to ensure moderation. Don’t have enough crystal to draw? COme to the arena - get lots of crystals by increasing the ranking.

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