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Free hack Action Squad Apocalypse Heroes cheats code list - energy, fusion, gold, promo ticket, safe, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Action Squad Apocalypse Heroes cheat world: our hero wanders alone, through a dangerous wasteland. I’ll help guide you through this. To attack, move close to the enemies. To use a skill, tap the button. Swipe your finger quickly across the screen to dodge out of the red danger zone. We’ve going to need some more help. We have enough tokens to recruit Boomer. Let’s explore the world and see what these aliens are up to.

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We just got something on the radio - sounds like a distress call. Somebody’s in trouble. My EM detectors are picking up sigma energy fields nearby. It can mean only one thing - aliens! I hate those guys. They invaded Earth and crushed civilization! Time for some payback. Don’t forget to use your skills!

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Let’s try out new mutation! Mutations can turn enemies into Goo. We can use that Goo to level up our mutations. Slamster - laser eyes: hamster fires lasers from their eyes at the enemy in a straight line, damaging all in the path. Jane - gun kata: Jane spins around while firing her guns, dealing damage to enemies around. Heater mercenary - boosts critical damage stat for heaters. Duelist - increases the attack stat. Buster - explosive shots: Buster’s normal shots will do AOE damage for a short time. Heavy shot caller: boost critical rating stat for heavies. Boomer - knockdown blast: Boomer throws a concussion grenade knocking enemies down.

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Daily goals: hat trick - complete 3 maps; daily login - login in at least once a day; use xp potions; quick loot 3 levels; open a safe; trooper- complete 5 daily achievements. How free safes work: collect a new free safe every 10 minutes, up to 5 times a day; collect a free premium safe every 2 days; spend gems to open extra safes.

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