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Game Story
In the near future, Japan is plagued with demons from the dark world. There existed an ancient, unspoken rule of non aggression between humans and demons, but as humanity descended into decadance, the rule has fallen to obsolesce; it was the time of chaos where evil syndicates of man and fiend roamed the dark. But those who sought the righteous path were not hopeless. The government established an organization of ninjas, to fight against the evil. They were known, as the Taimanins.
Action Taimanin Hack Basics
Kill the enemies using attack and dodge. Charge particles to 100% to use ultimate. The commander basically operates and commands troops in the lobby. Taimanin panel - the selected character's status is displayed here. Now let's learn about supporters, one of the basics of tactical command. You can support the character by assigning supporters. There is only one for now, but you can assign up to 3. Assigned supporters provide skills and enhance the hero's status. Supporters cna be grown by upgrade cheat code. An enhancement requires materials and gold. once you select the materials, you can check the enhancement result in advance. When a supporter is enhanced, its status bonus is increased.
Hint & Tips
1. Some enemies are protected by super armor. Breaking the super armor will stun them or make them groggy.
2. Supporters on the sub slots provide sub skills, but their status are partially applied depending on the skill level.
3. You can change the camera angle by touching or dragging the game screen.
4. The hero's true power comes from its skills. Using skills in the right way is also a commander's job. Units can learn various skills, but it is most common to take control of them using slots in tactical commands. To acquire a skill, skill points and gold are required. You can try out the hero's skills in advance or plan them for a future mission by training.
Action Taimanin Characters
Igawa Asagi -the leader of all taimanins, a group of ninjas who fight for justice. Serves as the head mistress of Gosha Academy, the educational institute for taimanins. Utilizes master swordsmanship and super human physical capabilities, in addition to her ninja art that allows her to move at a speed beyond human perception. She has awakened her true power during a certain mission. Her weapon of coice is a ninja katana.

Igawa Sakura - Asagi's younger sister. Always bright and friendly. A young girl who gives off both a gorgeous and cheerful vibe. Born with a rare ninja art just like her sister, she is a ninja who uses "shadow art". She became a Taimanin much to her sister's objection, because she also wanted to fight for justice like her sister Asagi.

Mizuki Yukikaze - Taimanin, student of Gosha academy. Although still a studen, she is frequently on missions, and she is expected to be the leading force of the new generation. On mission, she often works with her senior Akiyama Rinko. She is known as the lightning Bolt for her weapon of choice, the guns akimbo and her lightning bullets.
As every character's ability is different, please note that the use of their skills are also different. Now that we reviewed the basics, we should consider an actual operation of a troop. To operate a troop, you need to expand it. The term gacha is a taimanin slang, which mainly means recruiting HR or securing supplies. With the Gacha, you can gain supporters, weapons, materials and expand the troop even more. Gacha requires gems or tickers. gacha results are always random.
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