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Just imagine: a huge farm and a fleet of food trucks! We could ne our own bosses! We would be in charge? Heck, you know what, I'm in! I'll take a look at the truck lot if you want to start at the farm. Ooo, just look at those berries! Let's MERGE them together! Drag 3 of the same item next to each other to merge. Tap on the Berry to collect it! If I keep you fed, will you help fix this place up? It's a deal. Food for fixing stuff -- this might just be the start of a beautiful thing. Not a bad berry, so good job. Get me another one and I think I can get this food truck running.

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hack Adventure Chef Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): The QUEST MENU will help us with our tasks. Let's take a look! Fix up this Food Truck so we can start making food! Clear out Purple Berry Bushes. Create Purple Berry Bunch. Tap on the Berry to collect it! Now let's get this to Ted so he can fix the truck! He can't think straight when he's hungry. The truck's good, but I need to fix up these tables before we can let in customers. Too bad I'm starving again! Can't fix anything on an empty stomach.

cheat Step #2: Then I'll whip up some bread for you in our new Bakery Truck! Bake your first piece of bread and repair the seating area! Harvest Wheat Bushes 4 times. Create Flour. Drag the same kind next to each other to merge. Great! Now merge these together! Tap on the flour to collect it and send it to storage! Right on, let's get to baking that bread!

code Step #3:Now tap to finish cooking instantly! Give me that delicious bread and I can leap into action! Explore the farm and feed your first customer! Find more ingredients. Harvest Purple Berry Bushes 5 times. Our first customers are coming over now! You know, I haven't had some simple, delicious bread in forever. Then I have just the dish for you! One bread, coming right up! But first we need to explore the farm to find more ingredients!

Adventure Chef Step #4: That bread was perfect! Here, I'll give you some Trophy parts for your great food. Trophies let everyone know we're a good place to eat at. Get more Trophy parts and merge them together to get more fame and fans! With the right Trophies, we can expand and check out new areas! Let's keep going and feed two more customers! Feed 2 more customers! Harvest Purple Berry Bushes 1 time. Create Purple Berry Shrub.

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  • We definitely don't have any apples. We're going to have to go exploring to find some, and quick! I've heard of a place called Appleton Woods near here. Let's clear the road with a pickaxe and head over there for some apples! Clear the Road. Uncover more of the Farm. Open Wooden Crate.
  • Let's bring back these apples and make some pie!Let's go explore and see what else we can find!
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