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Free hack Adventure Escape Mysteries cheats code list - gold, hint stars, boost up, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Adventure Escape Mysteries cheat world: hey, i'm at the secutity trade show. We need to secure the area. Select the police tape in your inventory. We need to get the power running to open the booth. let's look at the controls. We'll need some more information to set the dials. Stars can be used for hints. Notice the booth number on the piece of paper. Enter that number in the power controls to open it.

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Choose your mystery: murder mystery - a corpse, five suspects, and a building full of bombs, is this the case that breaks detective Kate? Difficulty - standard. Fantasy - torn between kingdoms, can princess Nimue use her magic to break a deadly curse? Or will her choice doom the world? Difficulty - advanced.

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Murder mystery: Free hint costs 0 stars. It explains your goal and how to interact with the puzzle.
Your goal in the switches puzzle is to set all the switches in the correct order. Tap a silver button to move the two switches next to it. You can reset one side of the puzzle by hitting the button in the middle left or middle right. Observe clues in the room or your inventory to figure out the correct order of the switches.

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Fantasy: Magic school - tap a star to select it. Drag from a selected star to another to connect the stars. Connect all the correct stars in the correct order to learn the spell. Crused crown - after learning that the kingdom of Coppice's people have vanished, Princess Nimue must find a way to enter the kingdom since the border crossin is unattended.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: The Adventure Escape series combines the point and click gameplay of adventure games like Monkey Island with the ingenious puzzles of an escape game like The Room. Meet interesting characters, collect treasures and tools in your inventory, and solve hundreds of clever puzzles to crack the case. Tens of millions of players have enjoyed the Adventure Escape series - experience it yourself!
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