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yzHBYl - summon
UFxNyW - legendary hero
wF0gj9 - energy
78OObG - secret mode code
M50jMf - luxury bag
8ebmUL - free coupons
Gpdvre - stat point pack
9aCyr2 - secret skin
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So quickly, i came to the rescue, Princess Picker, your speed is very fast. The creation go heard our request and brought us the savior of Pixel. The aggression madman outside is still rioting, please save the Lord! Pickerel didn’t know what was going on, and even if he left the world, time was flowing. Therefore, even if you put it in place, fight will automatically proceed. Here is the fighting stance of the brave adult. Then you will meet many reliable partners and continue to grow your team. The enemy has already appeared!

Adventure Legion hack

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After defeating the enemy, you can enter the next level. The accumulated resources fight automatically in the adventure. Resources can be automatically accumulated regardless of whether you are online or not. The accumulated resources need to be collected manually. Through the battle, you can go to the level where the resources output are more efficient. Top bar - shown here is the cheat codes, player experience, hero experience, and gold coin available for placement on the current map.

Adventure Legion cheats, hack codes

1. jyisaj - level up
2. sm6zwh - voucher
3. XQmAyp - shard
4. vrCw9X - free stat point
5. bRuLEV - characters tier list SSS

As the map progresses, the player experience, hero experience , and coins will increase. Player,hero EXP and gold can only be used for your own use. Even if the income is not online, it is normally obtained. But accumulate up to 8 hours of harvest, remember to collect it often. If the hero has a copy that cannot be passed, just place is fine. However, do you feel that you are more struggling than before? You need to go upgrade! Consumption experience value can be upgraded. After the upgrade is successful, you combat power will become stronger.
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The current experience value can be upgraded four times. Now you can easily defeat the enemies of the next level. When you get an existing hero, it will be automatically converted to hero shard. Hero description - this shows the attributes of the heroes. Slot - shows the heroes’ skill, treasure, advance and other related information. Formation - here is the character in your team. Long press the hero icon can confirm more detailed hero information. THe hero in the lineup is given priority to release the skill.

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1 4m4ga2 upgrade
2 J3DzRw stat point
3 70qul0 coupon
4 N9czAl promo code
5 5KxuFo gift box
6 xbQGTa gold coins
7 6yLEc6 month card
8 tvryRZ premium pack
9 pBEc94 legendary gear
10 MyiwGE vip ticket
11 3MhzB9 gear pack

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GS6glY - crash: when the life of the party is less than 5%, the probability of 30% is launched, and 73% of the damage is caused according to the loss of life.
8OCrXD - fast fight: as the saying goes, the spring sleepy autumn is locking in summer and the winter is not awake. During the time when you are not there, we have rid of the sleepiness and do our best to help you sort.
n7YBiX - increase vip level. The higher the vip level, the more you can buy!
P0AR64 - shooting pack
xfh4hY - legendary summon
9ASxLS - special offer
mhjTyv - evolve
Hack SMIDTF - artifacts
Cheat G5ehET - evade
1KIzk9 - elite ticket. PPZE3L - exchange code
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