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It is I, magic man! My magic is powerful, but i can only revive one hero. So choose wisely: princess bubblegum, ice king, marceline. The Lich's evil corrupts and destroys all it touches. It's up to you to amass an army of your own to battle his and save Ooo.
It's dangerous to go alone. So here is another hero for you, use cheats codes: ruby orb, topaz, amethyst, diamond orb. Let's show those sissy evil-doers whats for. Each hero is part of class: might, essence, aura, abyss.

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hack Adventure Time Heroes Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): your first hero you pick will be placed in the team leader slot with the crown icon. Your team leader has an aura skill that gives bonus effects during battles. This passive skill is only activated when your hero is the team leader slot.

cheat Step #2: Let’s select your other hero to join the team. You will earn different rewards from every battle. Let's check out what we earned.
Character menu - here is where you can upgrade and customize your heroes.

code Step #3: Trinkets - all the equipment you earned is stored here. Remember, you can’t spell equipment without equip! So equip away! Nicely done! Your hero’s stats boosted up. Upgrade trinkets to give your hero even more bonus stats. When items are upgraded to certain levels, they gain substats, which gives your heroes an extra boost.

Adventure Time Heroes Step #4: The Lich has magical barriers surrounding the regions of Ooo. Defeat his armies to weaken them. Start by removing the baddies from the tree fort. I've placed its location on your map.
Clan boss - defeat the mighty vampire king to earn awesome rewards for your clan.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. If you equip 2 trinkets of the same set, your hero will gain extra effects.
  • 2. Don’t forget to visit gem world and use cheats.
  • 3. Trinkets will gain new stats every 4 levels.
  • 4. Aura skill - increase atk of all allies by 20% in dungeons.
  • 5. Some status effects can be stacked, and others overwrite similar effects.
  • 6. Orbs and coins are required to summon a hero.
  • 7. Claim rewards just for playing the game! Rewards refresh at 00:00 GMT+8 every day.
  • 8. Bonus offer pack cheats - special offer for starters! Get a huge advantage with rare hero orbs of each type.
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