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Free hack cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), gift pass, New York City USA engine. Adventureland cheat list: ZOmwFs - advanced summon card
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Are you the adventurer here to save us? Let me accompany you to get familiarized. Summon room let us known more heroes. Remember, there’s free chance every day! Invite list: normal, advanced, friendship, cheat (summon s3-s5 hero). Advanced summon gives powerful heroes and costs diamond or advanced summon card. Adventure party set-up, now get ready to go! Go to battle zone via adventure. Heroes will farm automatically, remember to claim your loot.

Adventureland hack

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We get the hero shards! let’s try to forge a new hero in the bag. You have enough shards to summon hero, tap the shards. The hero needs to be stronger, let’s upgrade him. Tap hack button to upgrade characters with sufficient enhancer. Equip unit with legendary gears. Tap the “wear all” button to wear the best gear owned! Come in, adventurer, continue our journey! Treasure chest - claim farming loot here. The longer the time, the more loots.

Adventureland cheats, hack codes

Form the strongest guild with like minded players. Arranging a hero in the front row will take more enemy attack. Put heroes in the back row to deals more DMG to enemies. Advancer can advance unit and unlock new skill.
Events: King of victory - during the event in free arena or peak PK, each win gives 2pts, each loss gives 1pt. Rewards are mailed after event ends. Forge for gifts: during event, forge heroes to obtain corresponding rewards. Rewards are mailed and can be claimed repetitively.
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Secrets, items: RC - mainly used for draw in lucky spin (buy from market). Arena ticket - for arena battles. S5 general shard - collect 50x shards to randomly invite one S5 hero. Powerful guild technology lets you stand out in the battle.

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1 gcT4h3 upgrade
2 Siezeh stat point
3 6Kp3xw coupon
4 ZjbRY6 promo code
5 8VbLfN gift box
6 5nNoUV gold coins
7 CksfUw month card
8 2EIf2p premium pack
9 QSvMn6 legendary gear
10 BvHr82 vip ticket
11 zXrVb5 gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Adventureland tips
Hack cheats tutorial Adventureland (wiki):
Hint: Place high defense heroes to the front row and high damage heroes to the back.
n8ArqD - evolution
yudEWR - treasure chest
ykCvbP - hyper attack
vdulhy - vip status
ECxVpk - speed up
Hack D0R8Q6 - artifacts
Cheat CpEaYc - evade
CpEaYc - elite ticket
tdFOoN - exchange code

Evolution requires 2 maximum upgraded, level 30 monsters. Evolving a grade 5 hero results in a random grade 5 monster of the same element as the original target. Additional stat evolution increases the resulting monster’s stats. Evolution increases stats. how and where enter

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