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1. hkJdpQsPlO - secret level
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Are you sure we’re at the right place? This doesn’t look anything like what master said! He said it was a cozy mansion surrounded by trees, right? When will the master get here? THis place is so dirty, i can’t even unpack. We should start cleaning. Let’s get rid of those thick vines first.
That’s a lot of fruits! Let’s gather them and make some star stones and potions!

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Now, let’s match 3 fruits to gather them! See the goal? Hang in there! Good job! Now, let’s open your diary and clear some quests. Fill up the episode gauge by completing quests. You’ll also receive gifts! Ready to clear the mission? Use a star stone!
Do you know what happens if you match 4 fruits into a square? This is how the frog potion os made! Even if it’s not a square, you can do this to make a frog potion.

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1. oQBmzo7bSz - unlock map
2. 9PZkkMpk0r - month pass
3. TydmOSqdSS - administration panel
4. uztvd7zd0J - pet
5. Z3fjZVcrhq - skills

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You can pop potions by double tapping. Select a villager as your partner, and it’ll use helpful skills for you! You can try ob and buy outfits in the boutique. Use achievement code - zewLbUoNwn - claim all to get up to 20 rewards at once.
Adventures with Wizmate wiki
Game description: addictive puzzles, exhilarating effects; village friends’ special skills! Decorate the village to your taste. Fashion items to show-off your style. Meet friends from all over the world at the square! Intriguing story! Puzzle game with an apprentice wizard!

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1 iZw5YPs8Sr Pumpkin juice
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7 ijHNviBeoM month card
8 9CDNmBsBH8 premium pack
9 rnJAcqsaR1 chest
10 ap7AJpyFDz vip ticket
11 P5Rlj61s1Z cookies

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Remove piles of dirt to free the mandrake sprout. Then the mandrake will appear.
  • Pumpkin juice and star cookies can be given to your village friends as gifts.
  • You can get star stones by clearing stages. Star stone cheat - ornagQqMQN
  • Pop the frog potion! A frog jumps out to remove 1 block.
  • Pop the cork potion! It removes 1 vertical or horizontal line.
  • Rainbow potion - it removes all blocks of the same color.

1. KzcebeC4IP - frog potion
2. WfX5awjLkX - cork
3. dcy6ulUK3f - rainbow
4. fGkdEw6FqR - firefly

Adventures with Wizmate tips
Hack cheats tutorial Adventures with Wizmate(wiki):
Pop the firefly potion. It removes even more blocks than the bouquet potion.
Check out these friendly NPCs that help you with distinct and powerful skills!
Dive into our stories with kind, lovely village residents, and troublemaker animal friends!
Use powerful magic items like the Frog Potion and the Rainbow Potion to add to the excitement!

Adventures with Wizmate tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Adventures with Wizmate: gold, gift box, Pumpkin juice, credits.

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