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You were going to propose today, but your family couldn’t afford a fur of the Kitsune as a gift. You left home after quarreling with your father last night.
Where am i? I quarreled with my dad and ran out of home, and accidentally fell asleep here. He should be worried.
- there seems to be a problem in the village ahead, around which many Kitsunes have appeared. I’ll give you the arms i used when i was young. I hope it will help you, the Chosen one! Save your father! He is distracting the Demon, i don’t think he can hold for much longer!

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Fasther is already dead, with a folded mail in his hand: “dear son, i’m not your biological father. You are the descendant of the knight V family Akatlo. It’s the bret family who colluded with Demon. They found me and destroyed the whole village. Fortunately, you’d left before that. The Aeon ring is your family heirloom. I put it in your childhood box. Find it and keep it well! Forgive me, i can’t be with you any more. The poor Avril has been taken away by Borg. She had been waiting for you. You must save her.
Aeon power awakened, alter system activated! Obtained energy from battle and alter to knight v when energy is full, dealing AOE damage with increased stats.

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Characters tier list: Ranger - thunder artilleryman, a ranged physical damage dealer who is good at shooting from a distance. Flame mage - a ranged magic damage dealer who is good at skill damage. Swordmon - shadow assassin, a melee magic damage dealer who is good at causing critical strikes. Knight - a melee physical damage dealer who is good at charging the Foe lines.
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Race: Lionhub united - The clash of different cultures creates strong power. Qin Empire - experiencing the cruel changes, Empire of Qin rises in wars. Tulip alliance - people with dreams in heart unite and create a firm alliance. Han empire - the honorable Empire of han bears no invasion. Airwolf realm - the once strong empire, which starts to revive from the decline again. Firegondom - it’s profound history and honorable tradition encourage the people go forward.

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