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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass, New York City USA engine. AFK Hunters cheat list, hack: Wv5sMpdw - advanced summon
P0h00wJw - friendship point
8QGDslYx - life essence
7ctZF2Tc - super pack
MKt7NGSO - gems
oZJoeGJ8 - einherjar
bBojPy6w - legendary artifact
88VJ7Cjj - deluxe card
qKteG8sp - 10 stars hero
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AFK Hunters Game: welcome, summoner! There is a magic circle here - summon hero. Primary summon can summon lower quality heroes (1-5 star). We’ve got company. Now let’s begin our journey. Raid - there is a mysterious entrance. It looks so dangerous, let’s check it out. Tap boss to challenge, attack the defending boss. Challenges specific stages to receive tons of rewards. Completing various goals to get rewards. It seems you have mastered the tips of battle. Next, let’s learn how to use cheat codes and summon heroes with shards.

AFK Hunters hack

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You can summon the hero by obtaining the specified number of shards. Please tap on the character’s avatar > summon. Now let’s upgrade the hero we just fused to make her stronger. Units get more attributes each time they upgrade. Next, let’s try the equip all function to assign the most appropriate equipment to the hero.
Market - this shop sells a lot of exotic treasures. Tap claimable to claim your online rewards: diamonds, gold coins, shards, stones.

AFK Hunters cheats, hack codes

Rewards will always accumulate even if you are offline. You can accumulate up to 12 hours of auto-battle rewards. Performing blitz can get 120 minutes stage outcome, tap to receive tons of rewards, don’t miss it. Use code TdNOdP, activate farm privilege, 3 free times every day and can use 11 extra times. Arena - participate in daily challenge rankings to get exclusive season rewards.
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Summon standard - during the event, you will get 1 point for each advanced summon earn rewards by reaching specific points (rewards are sent by mail). Synthesis and awakening - earn rewards by accumulating points during the event: winning crystal league or championship trial gets 2 points for each game. Losing crystal league or championship trial gets 1 point for each game.

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1 3F4vpduo upgrade
2 VFq4wYTK level up
3 YprZP6oD coupon
4 np2TlkqO promo code
5 NeSqhEl4 gift box
6 tOZd5lJ9 gold coins
7 9eemaOKi month card
8 HEMUF5qJ premium pack
9 NVDvR1AQ vip ticket

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