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AFK Legends Tales of Onmyoji Game controls: you may have many doubts, but let’s make this short. We must collect enough prayer gems to activate the Goddess and awake the Gods. Before we go, please follow my instructions to summon SKikigami so that we can be stronger.
Drastic times call for drastic measures - here you can collect prayer gems. Only the powerful summoners like you can get such gems. Monsters incoming! Look a=out and we’ll handle the enemies.
They are retreating. After the deities are fallen, we can only live in such a restricted way. Thank you so much for coming, summoner. We can’t activate the Goddess until we have enough gems. But now we can see hope.

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After you have come, the Place is reawakened. As long as you guide us in the upcoming combats, you will receive all kinds. All resources you obtain contribute to your further improvements, and the fastest way is to recruit combine Shikigamis. Right next to the Palace you can see the mall, where the hidden market built by those ones who own supernatural power. The recruit will gather power after you come and holy summoning will become a possibility.

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The Shikigamis you recruited will secure this palace in your absence as well as collecting resources that are able for collection at intervals. It’s up to you to decide which characters will execute the patrol quests. You will receive better rewards when you assign heroes of higher rank. Goddess Altar is capable of activating and enhancing Goddesses, and search for the nearby qualified Goddess.
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Artifact: holy summon rune - the rune involved with mystic ritual power. Can be used to summon random tier B -S characters. The monthly card - offers lots of resources, it’s definitely worth buying. Rank-up stone - the stone involved with spirit power, used to promote heroes so they can break their level limit.
Hint: if you are defeated in the arena, try to rearrange the formation of your heroes. During the event, auto battles will randomly drop luck runes which are used in the timed exchange event!

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