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Adventures, welcome to the newbie village. You will experience a lot of hardship before becoming a eligible adventurer. But don’t worry. I will give you professional training! Listen, adventurers, if you want to have a foothold here, you must proveyour values. All right, follow me, i will show you around the small town. No matter how powerful, adventurers all need partners. You can summon partners in hero summon. You can do basic summon by using summon tickets code, and normal summon can get low quality heroes.

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Of course, by consuming hack cheats diamonds or advanced summon ticket, you can also have advanced summon which can summon high quality heroes. Looks like you have made new friends. You commissions will be introduced below. Listen carefully. You can go out to have your adventure. Be cautions in your adventure, because you probably will run into those scary undead! Return to the town by clicking the return button in the lower left corner. You’ve got some ability. Ok, in addition to summon, players can make acquaintance with new heroes by synthesizing fragments.

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1. MjmgPk - level up
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You can make acquaintance with hero when fragments reaching specified number. Many people have been seriously injured in adventurers. Send them to the town to rest. Resting heroes will give you enhancement drugs as a token of gratitude. Enhancement drugs are important materials for improving hero skills. Upgraded heroes will be more powerful, and you will have a better chance of surviving a battle. You can’t fight the enemy without equipment.
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The longer the adventure time is, the more the materials are. Click to claim materials found in the campaign. Be careful! I hear some unusual actions over there. It can be the undead! Stay alert, and prepare for fighting! Gather your partners! Click hero avatar and choose heroes for fighting. Attention! Fron row heroes can withstand more attacks, and back row heroes can deal more damages. You can spend promotion elixirs to promote heroes, unlock passive skill.

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Although now materials are not as rich as advanced adventurers, you can still find many rare treasures in the market. Recruit summoners, transform heros, build a mighty team to defend your territory! High intelligence AI automatic play, say goodbye to manual operation, free your hands! Get loot even while you’re offline, abundant rewards are waiting for you! az7OMH - advanced summon
DsQh3F - fragments
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RyEggQ - promotion
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