Cheats hack After War idle robot rpg code: metal, diamonds, gold, repair kit, platinum pacage, auto clicker codes After War idle robot rpg Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat After War idle robot rpg hack android, ios code

Hack tools menu
Hack After War idle robot rpg: cheat List
100k metal - use hack VtS14Zuy8
10000 diamonds - enter pass HsicJKB2U
1000 repair kit - 9pscOhIWi
Platinum package - IApXdchQZ
Monthly present - 5QtbmU24c
legendary parts - WeyBPeEbl
1 Month Card code - Bk17Yfpku
upgrade cheat - KqqulLQv2
100kk gold - WTvnLe0jS
weekly gift bag - IW69E9Y91
secret combination - u1RBTSkuj
level up - fR8fUEG9j
auto clicker - GZnc5BYWi
game speed x10 - cdfMIewTc
premium mechanic - 2eMQGNOLW
special reward - S7Y55vPC1
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Era of superhuman, years have been passed after the 4th nuclear war, which company 'Big Brother' started. However, Big Brother's indiscriminate raids continued, the village 'hopeless' is ruined. Boa A, the only survivor of Hopeless, found a document in the ruins. The boy who learned about the existence of the resistance through the documents started making mechanic to fight together.
Finally the preparation wa done and rough journey began to find the resistance.
After War idle robot rpg Hack Basics
First, let's eliminate the enemies in front of us. Mechanic's powerful skills are needed to defeat enemies. Try an automatic setting function that helps you use your skills. Auto - if this button is activated, the skill will automatically activate.
Next is rocket launcher which i made myself. Rocket launcher can give a lot of damage to the enemy. We will try to repair mechanics now. Change the setting to repair and touch the mechanic. After a repair study later, you can repair a lot at once.
Hint & Tips
1. Try a level up that makes mechanic stronger. You can level up by consuming scrap metal and corestone you've collected.
2. Next we're going to find out about the research. various research in the lab can improve battle ability.
3. You can get a new mechanic by composing 3 units in same rank. Hero composition may result in a higher grade of hero, but if you're unlucky, you might get the same grade of hero.
4. There are numerous trials we'll have in the future. I will show you how to get stronger through various challenges. Kin's tunnel - challenge to the end of the King's tunnel, where many treasure are hidden. Swamp of Guwool - there are countless weapons buried in the swamp of Guwool.
5. To craft the weapon, collect required resources or use cheats codes. Go back to base where you can create weapon component.
After War idle robot rpg Graphic mechanic
Make a companion, a mechanic, who will fight with us. Mechanics can be made with scrap metal, diamonds or use hack tools menu - enter letter cheats codes. Now we have a reliable teammate. Let's get the new mechanic ready for battle now. Get into the battle formation and set up the unit where you want it. Now you won't worry about many enemies.
Hack tools Version
After War idle robot rpg Redeem gift code
1. 6fo1dnponRKRZBq
2. ynFOEDzh0doR9aI
3. R3TSjdjW1EZnwrA
4. Qou2Bzr9xVp7zWF
5. akOWPYvUsNLzJBw
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date26 September 2020
Last Modified26 September 2020
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