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Hack Age of Alliance: cheat List
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instant (speed up) - #g9gRdLr21
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level up - #fAsH7lvWC
newbie value pack (take the path of kings, fulfill your destiny, and bring glory to your kingdom) - #MHSlyaLuS
100 soulstone - #35jZTqhlG
shield (48h) - #pyd9daBt4
golden chest - #iO59n316X
keys - #cN5SKDPR0
3000 stamina - #ugeCvfycz
special reward - #LnNoUlxkD
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Now that we've defeated the Royal Beastkin, it's time to restore the city. Join me in developing the castle. The castle is the key to success and power. Use dragonstance skill construction speed up to reduce construction time. Get soulstones in clan to summon heroes. My guidance ends here, my lord. From now on, you are in charge of your city's development. We will strive to help you retain peace in Vollandia. Embark on the 7-Day journey to develop your city.
Age of Alliance Hack Basics
Use auto battle mode. Heroes will launch their skills automatically. Heroes lead your troops into battle, and also help you for logistics and military affairs. Get more heroes to handle a wider variety of situations. Tap a hero portrait to add a unit to battle. Enemy brigade info is displayed when you edit your army for campaigns.
I have collated a list of quests. Complete them to develop the city. Complete quests to raise might and layer level.
When your leader level goes up, you will receive talent points. Use talent points to enhance your economy talent and troop talent.
Hint & Tips
1. While the citizens are busy with their jobs, you can tap on their little bubbles to collect what they’ve produced so far.
2. Unlock dragonstances to summon the dragon during campaign battles.
3. Complete the quests in 7 day journey to quickly raise your might! You can also use them to familiarize yourself with your city.
4. Heroes can equip different runes to get specific rune set skill effects.
5. Merchant airships from different clans will stop by the dock from time to time, and you can trade with them.
6. Occupy different villages to get passive boosts, and active skills for specific combinations of villages.
7. While soldiers are being trained at the barracks, the soldiers already at the training grounds will be busy with their daily training.
Age of Alliance Special items
Use special items, occupy villages, or fulfill special conditions to get even better boosts. Boosts are either military or economic. Shield - protects your castle from enemy scouts and attacks. Battlespace - activates when you launch an attack. You can't use a shield when battlespace is active. Talent protect - the dragon sustains economy talents when the leader is captured.
Crystallizer - the magical crystallizer polishes items to higher degrees. Crystallizers are needed to upgrade your Atelier. Mystic hammer - a dwarven hammer that infuses buildings with magical power. Use mystic hammers to raise buildings to level 25. Iron nails - used to quickly pin building materials in place. Used for diplomacy and ruins.
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Age of Alliance Redeem gift code
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