Cheats hack Age of Apes code:tickets, legendary hero, CD, resources, skin, speed up, energy, gift codes Age of Apes Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Age of Apes hack android, ios code

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Hack Age of Apes: cheat List
tickets x10 - use hack rYr6kTAwF
legendary hero - enter pass gNcTKUdjI
unlock technology - w6gvndFVN
rocket skin - 8YRqF9PKs
CDs x5,0000 - oNCiiIPbK
powerups - ptDObDqyJ
Month Card x1 code - KhhR3SAlZ
upgrade cheat - mHNsqNwEM
daily gift bag x10 - 2kFWJ7UX8
secret combination - PSXvIND0c
level up - vad5AjEiN
speed up - qdYe3fHnj
Splendid offer - YTemkNrTV
medals x1,000 - 3jXHskh9I
resources x999,999 - XNBYVB28o
unlimited energy - tUgskjakd
special reward - A080aEahJ
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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Earth, year 2036. Humanity's last war ended in a blast. With the world in ruins, only monkeys survived. Abandoned on a devastated planet without bananas. Led by six strong monkeys, the Age of Apes had begun. They rebuilt from the ruins and fought for their survival. There was only one way to go: up. Time to aim for the Banana in the sky. To space, monkeys! The rockets are ready, the clans are restless. Let's begin our race to space.
Age of Apes Hack Basics
Salutations, young one. We will teach you the philosophy of surviving. You will achieve great things here. Team work helps us launch rockets, and dominate all the other monkeys. We need more uranium for our rocket. I know you are a monkey with class, that's why you'll need some assistants to do the dirty work for you finding Uranium. You're in charge of city. I'm sure you'll be a great help to us all. The rocket crashed into an area covered in fog, but if we go in, we'll never find our way out. Luckily, our scout monkeys can help us explore and uncover all that fog! But first, you'll need to build an intel station to accommodate them.
Hint & Tips
1. Fighters like to show their power and skills in battle. If we want to recruit some, you’ll need to build an arena first.
2. Make sure to follow the tasks and to develop your city to increase your power.
3. We must gear up if we want to win. It's time to use our secret weapon - speedups cheat code! They'll reduce waiting times. Use hack tools properly to make the city develop faster.
4. By attending duels, you have the chance to win the loyalty of fighters.
5. Good job for levelling up your city hall. A stronger city means a stronger player on the map.
6. Teleportation takes energy to work. Energy will refill with time, and with speedups. You can also teleport into enemy territory, to attack them quickly and then teleport back home.
Age of Apes Race
Royals - royalty and glory are the sources of their strength. Their cunning tactics, ruthless policy, and their high hats are the source of nightmares for other monkeys.
Gunners - deadly marksmanship and flexible movements. Rules mean nothing as long as they're the coolest monkeys around. Guns and bullets are their most loyal friends.
Shooters - muscles and power! These guys are very unsubtle. Would rather shoot first and ask questions never. A problem is only a problem if they can't shoot it.
Mechanics - scientists with wisedom and creativity. Probably too creative. Crazy experiments are conducted to discover the mysteries of the mythical bananas.
Bomb disciples - the beauty of flames and fire. For these monkeys, explosions are a form of art and they,ll achieve their masterpiece by blowing up their enemies.
Razorteeth hunters - they only believe in the strength of the fittest. Becoming the dominant monkeys is their ultimate goal, and they'll achieve their masterplant by hunting down unworthy monkeys.
Buildings & Troops
Pilots - move and shoot fast. They can use this to their advantage against shooters, but can't do much against hitters.
Shooters - are long range troops. Excellent at aiming from afar, they aren't very effective against Pilots but they can be deadly against hitters.
This is a dangerous world. Monkeys form gangs to help each other and become stronger. Join a gang or create one! Gang members help each other, fight and develop together.
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Age of Apes Redeem gift code
1. BwP3fm4d6yOeRFS
2. Lz06vX5uKY9OzT2
3. kPWsors6EGU0Xkn
4. oZykOKUMj3XAiyx
5. lp7maoRRBsEnAzX
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date09 October 2020
Last Modified09 October 2020
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