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Is it your new a mercenary soldier? It’s much later than i expected. Your character is a serial killer that notoriously famous in dungeon. Use equipment code. Equipment can also be brought from regular monsters. However, immortal equipment is excluded. There are two types of weapons and five types of defense. Remember, depending on the level of item enhancing, the probability of success of the Orichalcon used varies. The higher the grade of the item, the better Orichalcon is produced when the item is disassembled.

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What is the auxiliary slot? It allows you to grow the guardian you want to raise in advance, without engaging in combat. Raising the auxiliary slot level increases the experience gained by guardian. The attributes of guardian can be applied. Experience by slot level: level 1 - 50%, 2 - 60%, 5 - 100%. The swap button is a system that exchanges the number of invitations in the main and auxiliary slots. However, if all auxiliary slots are not open or the main slot is dead, the swap button will not work.

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Warrior - their history is very old, and they’re brave. Their heavy armor, overwhelming their black enemies, is not lacking in protecting themselves and their colleagues. He’s a taciturn person who rarely talks about himself, and no one knowns how he got into the Calbram mercenary squad at Colhen.
Arcanist - she is very beautiful, healthy and full of life. Some people think she is very vulnerable to combat because of their fragile appearance, but her powerful magic overwhelms the enemy and hills her enemies in an instant.
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Flash cutting - turn body once, cut it with your sword and push it aside. Blessing of the Priest - restore 10% of physical strength and damages your enemies. You can upgrade your skills with the skill points you’ve acquired.
Guardian auxiliary slots have a maximum of 5 levels and may be subject to characteristics according to the grade of guardian corresponding to the level. Whenever a guardian’s rating goes up, soldier’s ability goes up a lot.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • From the 2400th floor, you can obtain immortality by killing the boss monster.
  • Would you like to replace the jewelry in the equipment? Touch the jewelry name in the "item details popup".
  • Dungeon is dark because the monsters are so poor that they can;t afford to pay for electricity.
  • The higher you climb, the more necessary it is HP potion and the more likely the better items will be dropped.
  • You can play other games. During that time, your character will hunt. Once a day! Don't forget.

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  • Are you short of soulstone? keep using the reincarnation dungeon.
  • If you've failed to kill your boss, try controlling it with a virtual pad. If you look closely at the screen, you will see that there is a virtual pad that can move the character.
  • Even with the game stopped, your character is still hunting for monsters.
  • You can equip guardian in the team organizing tab.
  • The cost of changing the jewelry socket and number of times will vary depending on the grade of the item.

Age of Dundeon tutorial

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