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Free hack Age of Embattle cheats code list - gold, resources, speed up (instant), promo ticket, legendary weapon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Age of Embattle cheat world: in defensive campaign, we lost a lot soldiers. Enemies will attack again. We must accelerate development and prepare well for the next battle. First, we build a farm. Food is extremely important to develop our city. We can reap food from the farm at regular intervals.

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Next, you need a timber yard. Wood is an essential resource for building and training. Let us create barracks and continue training infantry. Training - recruitment can get hero upgrade experience (items, heroes and hero fragments). Stables is the cavalry soldiers training place.

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You need to designate a hero to lead legion. Sending a legion on an expedition requires marching time. We can go back to the city to develop it. The usage time of acceleration item you want to use is longer than the time remaining.

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The barbarians in the world need to be challenged step by step, and you'll get all kinds of resources from the barbarians after the victory. Assign the numbers of the troops that attack the barbarians and the battlefield report will be sent to your e-mail automatically.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can request help from allies when building and researching and this will help promote the efficiency effectively. Allies can defend powerful enemies by help defenses. Upgrade level of embassy can increase the limit of garrison and help defense troops. You can use rss help to help allies pass the current crisis.
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Tutorial Age of Embattle(wiki): Look for resource points in the world map, once collected you will get the resource. Shortage of resources, reclaim the land and unlock the college, prepare for troops training. Academy - archons could research technique and enhance comprehensive power in this building.
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