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Age of Guardians Cheats
1000 gems crystal- #NIocJBvaJ
rush merge - #Hn3nc88l8
wish x10 - #msiPx0vSq
500000 gold - #Tg145iDtq
3 star hero - #w2aC8ACl0
speed up - #WvU4fCnvO
1 Month Card code - #1q0GJa7Cg
upgrade cheat - #VUKP7HEmv
unlock board - #3eOAqQYLA
VIP points - #khzFXi8vc
secret combination - #rkmr5YJ9f
level up - #GO4JLO3Os
auto clicker - #2nXCtNCBM
booster- #ZIkfQuXtN
premium chest - #zvizLdZHv
promote - #IiZS3an4t
enhance - #G1Twrs7JD
special reward - #zH5WOgmSR
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The person of hope, is that you? I have felt the sings of her highness, Skysinger. It must be you! You have received the letter, great! Her highness, Skysinger to the void for help. We have waited for three years for the person of hope. Soon after her highness sent letter, a secret evil power sprang up on the continent suddenly. They use erosive power to pollute our people. Those polluted will become their minions. The enemies you just saw are one of them.
1. Treasures we found in the state will surely increase our strength.
2. Use time machine to instantly open the chest.
3. Miracle shrine - your power can activate it and summon heroes to your side.
4. The holy stones are ancient relics born with the R'iven continent. There are four of them: life, soul, truth, and revelation. They own different type of strong power, and have created the four races.
The Holy stone of life can grow spirits on creatures, making their body stronger. These creatures blessed by the holy stone of life have become the spiritual being - the spirits.
Aliens can be regarded as any race. When aliens are in the lineup, all friendly heroes are blessed. When 6 heroes of the same race are in the lineup, all the friendly heroes get attribute bonus.
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