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Age of Magic cheat world: hail, executor! Your arrival heralds the prophesied beginning of the age of magic. SHards of the past - here, on an abandoned shard of a shattered world, begins the story of Roland, the true mage. His fate will take him through murk and fire to the dark tower. Tap on the hero to add him to your party. Each hero has several combat abilities. Use your hero's most powerful ability.

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Use "invisible shield" to provide Roland with additional defense against enemy attacks. Great battle, but there are many trials ahead. Now it's time to make Roland stronger. This time use all the experience potions but in future it's best to share them between your characters. Each battle costs a certain amount of rune coins that replenishes with time.

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Equipment makes heroes stronger, executor. Return to the castle to learn more about it. Equip the selected item to make Roland stronger. Heroes can enhance allies and weaken enemies. Tap and hold the hero to get more details about effects cast on them. If you win without losing any heroes, you get 3 stars. If you lose one you get 2 stars. If you lose two or more, you get 1 star.

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You can redo battles that you've already won to get rewards. Select the battle to find out how to get the rewards instantly. YOu can use momory spheres to instantly receive the reward from battles you've completed with 3 stars. Select several memory spheres. You'll spend the corresponding amount of rune coins and instantly get the reward for that number of battles.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Shadows of the past - Sharazar had long since left the cruel life of an assassin behind him but the shadows of his past don't fade so easily. Their dark will forces Sharazar to embark on a hunt from the mysterious mage and deliver his death sentence.

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