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Free hack Age of Sail cheats code list - gold, resources, speed up, promo ticket, legendary ship, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Age of Sail cheat world: in 1785, my father led an army in europe to topple the monarchy and establish a republic. With so much still left undone, the invading army attempted to steal this new, budding flower. Under the cover of night, they ade a surprise assault on us. We resisted valiantl, but our city was still brought to ruins. Just as the port as about to fall, a reinforcement fleet sailed straight towards the enemy.

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They ferociously attacked the invader's flagship. This sudden and unexpected offensive caused the enitre enemy fleet to fall into chaos and disorder. Our saviours exploited the chaos brought from their offensive and dealth the final, fatal blow to the enemy's flagship.

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The cannons of the invaders may have plunged us into darkness, but your arrival is a shining light in this darkness. I believe that under your command,this place will be restored to working order in no time.
Food is the foundation of a base's operation, please take us to cultivate a farm land. Our base was once a naval stronghold, on this uncharted ocean, our base needs to develop quickly.

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Wood and iron are vital materials for building constructions and ships. Battle: tap add all to assign the maximum number of warship available. Reconstruction: you need to restore the basic supply of navy base soon in case of enemy's comeback. Upgrading base can unlock new uildings and increase all buildings' maximum level. We need to restore the operation of our dock and ship yard.

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