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Ready for planetfall: as directors of the Dvar Consortia, you know that one has to dig deep to find true value. The collapse of the star union left you stranded on inhospitable worlds. This forged your iron will and ardent hearts. As your Consortium reemerges to extract the treasures of the past, heed where you send your machines. Not everything deserves to be crushed and processed in the name of profit.

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Welcome commander! I am cheat-on, your autonomous integrated virtual assistant, stand issue for every planetary governor of the star union.
My messages will appear when important actions are undertaken for the first time. They can be reviewed at any time in the imperial archives.
The gem icon and color will assist in early decisions by recommending certain choices to direct the development of your starting empire.

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Pickups are one time collectables that provide resources or other rewards. They are instant bonuses that are given to the player who first collects them by moving a unit on tip of them
Once a pickup is collected, it is removed from the world. Better pickups are often defended by armies that need to be defeated before the pickup can be collected.
Imperial production stash - when collected, production is added to your nearest colony. Production speeds up the queued items being produced in your colony.
Age of Wonders Planetfall wiki
Units - this is an army. Armies contain up to 6 units on a single Hex, and are used to explore the world, attack enemy armies and defend colonies. Selecting a unit’s portrait in the army panel below will display its abilities.
Moving armies - to move an army, select it and then move the cursor to the hex you want it to go to. A preview of the route is shown, with a blue path to indicate how far the army can move this turn.
Each hex has a move point cost. Each unit has a set number of move points per turn. For each hex moved, the move point cost is subtracted from the unit’s move points. An army can only move can only move as fast as its slowest unit.

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  • Army power - a rough estimation of the army's combat power. A more powerful army will typically defeat a weaker one. However, tactics and army composition will affect the outcome in manual combat.
  • Sector information - planets are divided into geographical sectors that contain natural resources or valuable remnants of the star union. Sectors can be settled with colonizers or annexed as provinces to existing colonies by interacting with the central sector map marker.
    The sector analysis panel on the right shows an analysis of its features and any locations present there. Actions available to take within the sector are listed in the bottom panel.

Age of Wonders Planetfall tips
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  • Quests - the objectives interface gives an overview of available objectives. Quests can come from NPC factions or from special sources during the campaign.
    Victory conditions - the active conditions for the current session can be seen here, as well as your progress in each condition. Once researched, a capability rank is shown for each category, showing how well you are doing compared to the other players in the game.
    Covert operations can be used to gather extra information on non allied players.
  • Empire tasks - in addition to regular quests, the game features empire tasks. These are divided into three categories, each representing an important pillar of your faction. Progressing through these empire tasks yields rewards and sets you on a path victory. Being the first commander to complete a task gives you an extra pioneer reward.

Age of Wonders Planetfall tutorial

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Production queue - units and structures can be built in a colony by selecting the produce option, which places them in the production queue.
When something is added to the production queue, the energy and cosmite cost is paid immediately, and the production cost is subtracted at the end of each turn based on the colony’s production income.
The order of the production projects in the queue can be changed by hovering over them and selecting the up arrow that appears. Clicking the “X” will remove a production project from the queue altogether.

Age of Wonders Planetfall Combat preview is shown prior to any attack. All participating armies are shown, and you will also see an indication of the enemy army’s strength compared to your own forces.
When an army is attacked, the adjacent Hex rule will cause adjacent armies to be drawn in.
At the bottom of the interface, the choice manual and auto combat is available, as well as the option to abort the attack.
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Trace sniper - this unit can enter Overwatch, allowing it to automatically fire at any enemy that moves or attack within its field of view.
Marauder guards - having taken a location of value, they will remain there and protect it with their lives. As with regular marauders, they do not engage in diplomacy, and will grow stronger as the game goes on.
Age of Wonders Planetfall Unity:
The emissary - this world teems with life and opportunity. The natives here have a rich culture and could teach us much. We should send an emissary to make contact with these people and begin a new are of peace.
The invader - this planet is filled with resources and riches, but they are guarded by savages and dusty old remnants of the past. We should take up arms against these people so that the treasures of this world will be ours!
The builder - the colony that we have built is just the beginning, the first step on the road to our might empire. Our focus should be on construction and growth; the colonies we build now are bedrock of our future.

Age of Wonders Planetfall adjacent Hex rule

When engaging an army in combat, all armies adjacent to the defending army that are allied to either the defending army or the attacking army are drawn into combat as well.
This means that up to 42 units can potentially join the same battle, and that one side can have a numbers advantage over the other.
Prior to the star of combat, a special combat preview will show all armies that will be engaged in the battle. how and where enter
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