Races, perks, secret technology and hero information Age of Wonders Planetfall.

As directors of the Dvar Concortia, you know that one has to dig deep to find true value. The collapse of the star union left you stranded on inhospitable worlds. This forged your iron will and ardent hearts. As your Consortium reemerges to extract the treasures of the past, heed where you send your machines. Not everything deserves to be crushed and processed in the name of profit.

Races: The Dvar - are a thrifty race of survivalists. The Dvar work hard to mine planets for all they’re worth to gain as many resources as possible for their Consortium’s survival and welfare.
Assembly - is a race of cyborgs born from destruction. These people aim to bring their new found peace to the universe by breaking down the chaos of the galaxy and reassembling it into a perfect new whole.

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Vanguard - consist out round folk with little ties to society, so the effects of long interstellar travel in cryosleep and the resulting time dilation doesn’t matter to them.
Kir’ko - through rapid evolution, the Kir’ko seek to restore what was broken and will find retribution for the terrible fate that has befallen them.
Syndicate - is group of ruthless trading Houses from the frontiers of the empire. With the star union gone, they see a universe of opportunity.
Amazon - the bio-engineering Amazons have the ability to alter life and survive harsh circumstances. Their fearsome troops have spartan discipline and are experts in guerrilla tactics. Their arsenal includes genetically engineered beasts that the Amazons ride in to battle.

Age of Wonders Planetfall perks, secret technology

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Secret technology:
Voidtech - warps the laws of physics, allowing the manipulation and teleportation of matter and energy.
Xenoplague - spreads through a highly adaptive alien parasite, and can be used to create biological weapons, develop super soldiers and evolve planetary populations.
Psynumbra - employ dark psionic powers to tear holes in reality and summon devious entities from the Abyss.
Promethean - are planetary exterminators, eradicating threats with their PyrX fires.
Synthesis - manipulates Als to their advantage, hacking and compromising systems for their own gain.
Celestian -are an ancient order of psionically gifted individuals that strive to achieve inner enlightenment and create balance and harmony in the universe. They believe Psionic power comes from the stars, and use this power to protect their ideals and teachings.
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Age of Wonders Planetfall Perks:
Basic equipment - the standard issue pack you received after basic training. The pack includes: a hunting bow that deals repeated biochemical damage and has a chance to poison. A thermal grenade that deals thermal damage in an area and has a chance to burn those hit.
Kleptomaniac - you see something on the table, it’s unguarded...you pocket it. Your adviser didn’t need it anyway. That’s how you have been all your life, and you enjoy it. You take 10 energy from your empire each turn. Someone needs to plan your retirement after all. Swipe: you stole something during your training, giving you a random mod that works with your load out.
Decadent - servants, luxury and high society! This is how life should be, always indulging in the best food, drink and company. Supply redirection: you own part of your colonies food industry, making them work for you and those of you upper echelon, reducing food slots by 2 on all colonies. Well Fed: you have an improved constitution due to your wealthy upbringing, giving you a hit points increase of +10.
Veteran - you enlisted as soon as possible, and quickly gained rank and honor. This is clearly not your first deployment. You start at level 3, giving you 10 skill points to spend after landing. All units gain experience 15% faster.
merchant scion - trade and economic deals used to be your daily life - such are the duties of those born to wealth. When you decided to join the military, a position was easily arranged. Decreases economic research cost by 15%. Dwelling trading is 10% cheaper (this discount can never exceed 50%).
Star union scholar - you spend most of your life in libraries, studying the star union and its rich history. If fascinates you to the core. You joined the military so you could see the union’s wonders for yourself. Rewards from pickups, sites and structures are increased.

Age of Wonders Planetfall hero info, skill, upgrades.

  • Laser lance strike: strikes the target with a laser augmented lance. high impact stragger units, reducing action points and canceling defensive modes. Flanker unit deals an additional 25% damage when flanking. Charge +20% damage if this unit moves at least 3 hexes. Only affects ground targets.
  • Laser lance - fire a powerful blast from the tip of a laser spear. Affected by line of sight rules.
  • Fire bio blaster - fire a biochemical round at the target.
  • Psionic resistance - psionic attacks deal less damage and are less likely to trigger status effects.
  • Strong will - the unit is immune to mind control effects.
  • Shields - reduce incoming damage dealt to the unit. Melee attack ignore all shields.
  • Visual acuity - the hero gains one extra hex of range when in cover.
  • Renewal - heal a friendly biological or cyborg unit (can only be used once per battle).
  • Rapid movements - the hero learns to move rapidly to confuse enemies. The hero gains skitter, making them harder to hit if they move during their turn.
  • Biology expert - the hero trains its army on the properties of Biochemical weapons and how to improve their bodies, giving biological units in the army +2 resistance (only functions when the hero is the army's commander).

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