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Age of Z cheat world: commander, thank you for coming to the rescue in time. Destroy the zombies and rescue the fallen blocks to bring back hope to the city. Please lead us to recover the city. First, reclaim a camp to increase our troop power. Camp is where you recruit more troops. Upgrade to unlock more troop types and increase recruitment speed. Upgrade your main hall to unlock more reclaimable buildings and make your city kore powerful. We can reclaim a factory to recruit vehicles and increase your troop power. Factory - used to crate all kind of battle machines and explosives. Upgrade to unlock more troop types and increase manufacturing speed.

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Rescue the blocks invaded by zombies to fix the buildings within them. All armies within your city will participate. Commander, some blocks outside the city are production blocks, and can be used to build production related buildings. We currently need a farm to produce food for us. Production within the city is limited. You can send troops outside the city to gather more resources. Gathering army needs more time. Please return to your city and continue development.

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Upgrading training grounds to increase the number of troops you can recruit at once and reduce recruitment time. Academy - the science and technology center of your city. Researching new technology will make you more powerful. In the academy, different technologies yield different benefits. Start researching now to get powerful quickly. Recon center - shows the destination of fleets coming towards you. Upgrade recon center to level 2 to access the fullowing effects.

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The garage is an essential building for your fleets. Used to construct and renovate transportation vehicles.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Join an alliance to get the following benefits: you can gather from elite mines within your alliance territory and enjoy a slight gather speed bonus. Monsters defeated within your territory have the chance to drop additional rewards. Gather from normal resource mines within your territory with a 10% gather speed bonus. You can collect a daily territory rewards. Want to add more armies to your rally? Upgrade your dispatch center. You can send troops to reinforce your allies' cities, helping them denfend against attacks.

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