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Age of Conquerors Game: eliminate enemies and gain more land! Egypt will continue to shine under the protection of Ra. The blessing of the river Nile have allowed our country to flourish. See berry farms? Constructing berry farms helps to increase our population, and also provides a steady flow of gold. Try constructing more berry farms by using cheat codes.
How dare barbarians encroach upon the sacred soils of Egypt! They shall pay dearly for their insolence! We can send out troops to attack the enemy by dragging the hero avatar over the attack target. Destroy the barbarian units near our city - use armagedon: LtlBeOgR.

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Tales of our crushing victory over the barbarians have echoed far and wide, and many capable heroes are now seeking to join our cause. A powerful Pharaoh once said, a country’s infrastructure is the best demonstration of its strength which i totally agree with. A great country cannot do without magnificent, beautiful structures! Try to unlock more buildings in the tech tree, let’s build a hall of heroes!

Age of Conquerors cheats, hack codes

There are many cultural attractions on the map, go explore and discover them, maybe we can get some inspiration of new technology. Deploy a troop to the Pyramid and see what we can find!
Constructions: berry farm - a basic economical building that increases both population and gold. Infantry barracks - a training camp that specializes in training infantry troops. Quarry - a building that increases gold production rate.
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Tech tree cheat code: irrigation JHOSNTER - promotes irrigation technology to promote crop growth. wzMB7IrE - promotes animal taming techniques to raise military animals. l6J9a0Af - promotes new mining tools that allow miners to excavate sturdier minerals. KLzv9Tgf - all troo type ATK +100%.
Cleopatra - the charming and beautiful Pharaoh of the ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. She forget a political alliance with Julius Caesar to strengthen her rule over Egypt.

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