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In this defensive campaign, we lost a lot of soldiers. Enemies will attack again. We must accelerate development and prepare well for the next battle. Next, you need a timber Yard. Wood is an essential resource for building and training. Let us create barracks and continue training infantry. Recruitment can get hero upgrade EXP, items, heroes and hero fragments. You need to designate a hero to lead this legion. Sending a legion on an expedition requires marching time. We can go back to the city to develop it.

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Enemy out of your city, now training and learning to develop military! Castle provides an overview of your city. Upgrade rampart to increase the pitfall capacity and city defense points. Shortage of resources, reclaim the land and unlock the college, preparate for troops training. Build Academy - archons could research technique and enhance comprehensive power in this building. In the academy you can research great technologies, this is an important means to accelerate the development of the empire.

Age of Forge Empire cheats, hack codes

There are many hostile cities outside your castle. Being strong is a top prioritet for yourself. The barbarians in the world need to be challenged step by step, and you’ll get all kinds of resources from the barbarian after the victory. Assign the numbers of the troops that attack the barbarians and the battlefield report will be sent to your e-mail automatically. And remember, after join alliance, you can develop city better than before.
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Hints list: March recall - recalls an expedition legion, valid only for legions on the way to the destination. Energy cheat code - use to recover archon’s energy. Newcomer teleport - use it to move you to any area, when the castle level is lower than 6. Chariot factory is the place where you can build equipment to siege cities. The higher the technology is, the stronger the power will be! You can click on the free land outside the m=rampart to build march tent and increase the soldiers’ speed training and the training quantity by upgrade the march tent.

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