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My lord, from this day forward, this city is yours. Let me show you a bit about city management. To recruit soldiers for your great city, please build some barracks. Upgrade to unlock more unit types and increase recruitment speed. Use free speed up codes to complete your building queue.
Food is an important resource for city development. Build a farm to start producing more food. Upgrade to increase production output and capacity.

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Your castle is your most important building, and upgrading it is your most important task. The temple pf healing is essential for healing your wounded soldiers. Upgrade to raise the maximim wounded limit and healing speed.
There are lots of resource gathering points outside your city! You can send an army to gather them and boost our supplies.

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1. go08h0dOr5 - level up
2. gmrbOy8j8H - voucher
3. 8JUs3F67II - shard
4. 8PLE9fPsoY - artifact
5. PSNtZnhg91 - honor

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As you level up your city, your castle’s outer appearance will also become increasingly spectacular.
My Lord, it’s a good idea to follow recommended quests to build your city. You’ll gain skill points every time you raise your lord level. Skill points can be used here - hero menu. Tap different tabs to switch between different development types. Each type has lots of different skills to learn. YOu can pick your favorites.
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You got a code to increase your construction queue! Use it to build another building simultaneously. Use watchtower - can scout the target’s exact amount of saved resources and unharvested resources. Upgrade watchtower to level 3 to access the following effects.
My Lord, in the library, different technologies yield different benefits. Start researching to raise your power quickly!

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5 5sRIG5UiNo gift box
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7 a2Mcf5Jecj month card
8 iThfRuldS3 premium pack
9 1NeQQ1qtuv lift seal
10 Q2RVX52a4N vip ticket
11 xl8BGlJfmo speed up

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • To recruit soldiers faster, build more training grounds.
  • Use higher quality materials for a better chance to forge higher quality equipment.
  • Raising your benefits level increases your daily rewards from your weekly card.
  • You have a chance to earn bonus territory rewards when you attack monsters within your alliance territory.
  • Upgrade the temple of healing to raise your maximum wounded soldier capacity and healing speed.
  • Different units have different passive skills. Apply them well for more effective battles.

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Hack cheats tutorial Age Of Myth Genesis(wiki):
Time has changed everyone and everything. Over thousands of years, the Gods have witnessed the fall of many kingdoms and the beginning of new empires. My Lord, your name has already begun to spread across this war torn world. However, i must warn you, our power is not yet great. We must collect resources codes and recruit soldiers to build up our strength. We must also defend ourselves against other ambitious lords and make trustworthy allies. Now, only your wisdom can guide us to glory!
The flames of war have been burning for centuries. What’s left on the battlefield are broken weapons and rivers of blood. The people of every kingdom are constantly forced to make quick choices:
Will we be eliminated from the face of the earth? Will we rise up to the task?
My Lord, the battle is right at our doorstep. Pick up your hack cheats, and pray to the Gods. Lead your people on a conquest to build a new empire!
Age Of Myth Genesis tutorial

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