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Age Of Pirates Caribbean Hunt Game select the civilization: Kievan Rus - blood of the Viking flows inside Ross. This people is fierce, harsh, violent, rugged yet passionate. They are born gifted, always able to find a way.
Osman - this prosperous world is forged by his majesty, Suleiman the Lawmaker! He and janissaries swiped west across the fields of Hungary, drove the Habsburgs. Abbas - the most famous longest dynasty in Arabic history. They rose alongside with the Tang Empire and proved their ability and will to incorporate civilizations. Use cheat code I7bBs6 - unlock secret civilization.

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You gotta work harder and gather experience. You’d better build your own manor in Sevilla first. You’re gonna need supplies, and manor will be your greatest supporter. You need someone to take care of it for you, otherwise you’ll vanish into the sea one day. Age Of Pirates cheats codes lK4z8A - reward: gem, coin, ship wood, chief experience. Its development affects your exploration of the world, so it’s necessary to upgrade the lord mansion - controls all the buildings maximum level. And do you know about the abilities of our captains? To be a good commander, you must get to know the captains cause they will be joining us in the sail!

Age Of Pirates cheats, hack codes

The current level of the captain - if you wanna increase it, use 9YQwoW, try battle or use experience item (the battle or training task output) to upgrade the captain. The current stats of the hero, consisting of two kinds: main stats (atk, def, HP) and special stat (dodge, hit, critical, rerage). Main stat goes up along with the captain’s level or use hack tools. The captains skills consist of active skills and passive. The higher the stars, the better the skill effect.
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Skip interface - all your warships can be checked here. The stat interface shows the power and stats of your warships. The equipment interface shows 6 kinds of equipment. They are: cannon, sail, deck. bow. armor and keel. There are 2 types of warships. Here are all kinds of statistics of the current warship. The higher the level and quality the higher the statistics. Set - here shows the set skill of the equipment. Collect a certain number of sets and you can activate the set skill. Add captain - this position can tell you if the warship has got a captain. Every warship can only carry 1 captain.

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