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Age of Sultans Game story: Welcome, Governor. As your counselor, i will do my best to offer you assistance. Our people have lived as nomads for many years. Yet this new lands seems full of hope and possibilities. I am confident that this small city will eventually grow into a great civilization of our own. Knowing the needs of your people is the first step towards prosperous development. Our people can’t survive without food. We must build a farm first to ensure a stable food supply for the city.

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A reliable food supply guarantee an effluent life for our citizens and is the key to our future development. Governor, let’s go out of the city and take a look. Well done, next, we must upgrade the wall to reinforce our city’s defenses. We have an army now, but the true key to victory is an outstanding commander. On hearing that our city is in distress, an outstanding commander wants to aid us.
The barbarians have been driven back temporarily, but we still must hurry to strengthen our forces and develop our city.

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Please follow the quest to build your city. World of a new hero’s arrival has put you in high spirits. We should quickly raise our might and explore nearly regions. It appears that our efforts have paid off. SOme villagers have decided to join us to confront the threats together. We known this territory like the back of our hands. We would make excellent scouts. Build a scouts camp to manage your scouts. Select scouts out to explore this mysterious land.
The scout will automatically explore area, and you will be notified if he makes any discoveries.
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We should avoid a straight on battle and deploy our ranged troops as our main attack force. Build a shooting range and hospital to get ready. We are not capable of handling this battle. We have to quickly raise out might: upgrade city hall, build an academy, start technology research.

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