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Game info
Cheat code: steps #1-4
letter password
Hint (tips & triks)
Aggretsuko redeem codes

Got my train pass! Got my phone! That’s everything! My name is Aggretsuko. I’m a single, 25 years old female. Scorpio, blood type A. I ride on a packed train everyday for 30 min. I am an office associate at company. Bosses that treat me with no respect whatsoever. Days so by as i relieve my stress at the Karaoke.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Ah, you must be the one from the accounting department. As you can see, the construction of the lobby has been finished first.
See the star? I need stars to decorate the office. We’ve unlocked a new floor! let’s go select a theme - this is where you can apply your themes to the building. If you want more themes, you can purchase them from the theme store.
cheat, Step #2: If you select and complete a theme, you can earn a character as a reward. Now, let’s go select a theme and make this company fabulous. OVA episodes - here, you can watch aggretsuko TV animations for free. If you clear a stage you can unlock an episode. Enjoy an episode and earn Diamonds. There are over 100 episodes ready for you, so come whenever to enjoy them!
Aggretsuko code, Step #3: Hey, did you know that you can change characters? Enter letter pass - unlock all units. The block image you see over there is the character’s attribute. If you destroy same blocks, it will charge your skill gauge. The skill icon - you can touch it to see the details. The profile - touch to read a character’s story.
Step #4: TO destroy a box, match blocks next to it. Bombs will explode if you touch or move them. Missiles prioritize the objectives. Try mixing two bombs and see what happens. Mix a disco ball with a regular block to destroy all the blocks of the same color.

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