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Growing your family allows you to take more actions, but will also cost you additional food when the harvest comes. Let's start on the path to a new family member by obtaining resources to build a room. Wood is one of the components used to build a room. Have of your workers take the "3 wood" space. This is done by dragging a worker onto the highlighted action space. When you receive resources, they are stored in your resource tray. This is located at the bottom of your screen. You will see that you have 3 wood in your tray.

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Battle info Lazy Master: all of the houses you see on your town are action spaces. If you have trouble locating a specific action space, tap the "?" mark. This will display a card for each action space. Tapping the "?" mark again will close the cards. When you have finished your turn, you press the ened turn button. It is located in the middle right of your screen. Drag your second worker to the "day laborer" action space. This space gives you 1 food plus any 1 building resource (need more - use cheats codes).
Round 1 is now over. A round is where all players get to place each of their workers onto one action space. All of your workers have come home, and are ready to be assigned in the next round. Also, action spaces that accumulate resources have been replenished.

Tutorial crystals Agricola Revised Edition hack tools: to build a room, you need a total of 5 wood and 2 reed. Since reed was not taken the first round, the action space has accumulated a second reed. Drag your worker to the "1 reed" space to claim 2 reed. Select "buil rooms" then tap the checkmark to confirm your selection. The view has now switched to your farm. In the lower right corner of the screen is a room icon. Drag the room icon onto the highlighted tile to the right of your two existing rooms. Rooms must be built adjacent to existing rooms. A stable icon has appeared in the lower right corner. Drag and drop the stable in the upper right corner of your farm. Stables allow you to keep 1 animal or increase the capacity of a pasture.

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  • 1. Harvest is where you have to feed your family, and the first one is at the end of round 4. Each family member needs 2 food. Sele the "starting player and storehouse" space or use cheats. This will give you the 3 food on the space.
  • 2. The " 1 major improvement" space will allow you to build an improvement, which is where you will find your cooking improvements. Improvements cost resources. To play the less expensive fireplace, drag the card onto the highlighted space on your farm.
  • 3. Family members require 2 food, a piece or you receive a begging card for each missing food. You have more than enough food. Tap the checkmark to feed your family or use hack tools.
  • 4. At your farm, you can place 9 fences, at a cost of 1 wood per fences. Fences must completely enclose an area. We will be fencing on the right side of your farm. A pasture is a fenced area. Each space in a pasture holds 2 animals of the same kind so a 2x1 pasture can hold up to 4 animals. Stables double the capacity of the pasture they are in.
  • 5. Come to the blacksmith if you have any battle gear. A skilled blacksmith will make your gear even better.
  • 6. Complete missions, use hack tools and collect puzzle pieces to obtain a powerful 6 stars hero.

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