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During “investigations”, the main character, Date, inspects scenes and collects testimony. Progress by examining objects and talking to people. Date’s position is fixed, but you can move the cursor and your view. Try looking around and moving the cursor to find something that catches your eye and inspect it. When you speak to a person, you will be presented with choices and look. Use the choices to select the topic conversation.

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Look will allow you to observe the person you are speaking to. When talking to people, choose topics that interest you. You might obtain important information or clues. Selecting “log” will allow you to recap any previous conversations. Zoom in - that will allow you to investigate without physically disturbing the scene. WHile playing through the story, Aiba’s special vision modes may help you obtain new information. You can use the zoom mode to enlarge the target. Select “zoom” and examine the corpse. You can also view the controls in “-”.

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Case notes - detailed files of key phrases and characters. In menu screen you can select the following functions: file, options, guide.
Mizuki, a girl discovered at the scene, was found holding an icepick that seems to be the murder weapon. However, due to the shock of the incident, Mizuki has suffered aphonia and cannot speak. To find that out, we are going to Psync into her brain...Mizuki is mute. By healing her mental wounds, you may be able to get important info.
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In Somnia, you explore a dream to discover the subject’s hidden memories within the six minute time limit. Unlocking the “mental locks” will allow you to travel deeper into the dream. A guide to unlocking the mental locks is displayed in the upper left corner. Time is expended whenever Aiba is moving or performing an action. Be careful of the time limit when making a move. Unlock the next mental lock using the new guide in the left corner as a lead.

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