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Free hack Aion Legions of War cheats code list - enhance stone, promotion, spirits, promo ticket, summon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Aion Legions of War cheat world: in the beginning, Atreia was a single world with Aion at its center. It was shattered when the fury of the dragon, Fregion, sundered the world in twain, focusing the Elyos and Asmodians of Atreia into a long and arduous war. Amidst the chaos, the five Balaurean dragons endeavored to annihilate everything, but the sacrifice of the twelve Empyrean lords brought an end to the 1200 years travesty of Elyos Asmodian war.

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With the balaur gone, Atreia entered a period of rebuilding and prosperity. But from the depths of the Abyss, the burning embers of wars began to spread to the borders of Elysea and Asmodae once more. After several centuries, the war reached an impasse... Until an Elyos priestess on pilgrimage to the Abyss was kidnapped by the Asmodians. Led by commander Candor, the silver legion heads to the Abyss on a mission to rescue the priestess.
This chapter in history will one day be remembered as the fall of legions. It begins with Ren, a memeber of the silver legion who’s been burdened by a cruel fate.

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Heroes: Ren - took up the sword to keep a vow he made to his brother 8 years ago. After finally joining the silver legion as promised and arriving in the Abyss, the cruel prelude of fate echoes out. Astria - an Elyos priestess swept up in a massive conspiracy. After being rescued from the sky prison, she stays with the silver legion to help Ren. Candor - the undefeated commander of the silver legion. He is often referred to as the silver guardian by the Elyos due to his heroic acts of valor on the battlefield.

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Gearming - a Shugo mech engineer, gearming joined the silver legion because of his boundless enthusiasm for ancient technology and desire to explore the Abyss. Leona - a mysterious Asmodian woman Ren freed from a Confinite. Despite her position as a prisoner of the silver legion, her role is that of a comrade.

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