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This is a legendary story on the Bahamut isle. Come, let’s join the wonderful adventures. Today is your big day, get up and get ready quick. I shouldn’t have indulged you last night. You always do nothing but fight, incorrigible! Your clothes are crumpled and muddy, and you think you can hide them from me! Kamal has told me everything, this isn’t over. Now get up first, the Lamp messenges has come.

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Cheat-on prepared the growth chests for you. You can get a new set of equipment for every 10 levels up. 7 day login gift: day 1 - advanced supplies [ave the way for your mystical adventure. Day 2 - make your adventure easier with uplifting Warsongs and desert allies. Day 3 - mutant Mummy is powerful pet that will help you sweep up all foes. Day 4 - advanced gems boost your might and power in battle. Day 5 - exceptional weapons with outstanding SP.

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Warrior - single target attacker with explosive strength, from a physical tribe. Guardian - mass healer and buffs allies, from a support tribe. Inquisitor - inflicts control debuffs to interfere with enemies. Ranger - physical area attack specialist. Marauder - powerful spellcaster who can also summon sentinels. Warlock - negates control debuffs, heals, and curses enemies.
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The magic lamp spares strength and forms a spirit body for you. It seems you two share some destiny. Try it to appease the Volcanic Golem. Good, you’ve got the first pet. Remember, attributes and skills affects its combat ability. Open the pet screen and view its detailed data! A brave warrior will surely be recognized and obeyed by others. It is your fearlessness and kindness that make the power of the lamp and the volcanic golem believe you are their master.

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  • Use flashback Ether to reset your pet's aptitude and skills.
  • Join a squad and clear will of the wisp quest. Use duplicate for better rewards.
  • Material ore - with exotic power, material for enhancing bracelet, belt and footwear.
  • Meet the lamp messenger and obtain the magic lamp, changing your life forever.
  • Main quests lead you to explore the world and help you upgrade like a real hero; Tribe Quests give you a chance to prove yourself and let your name be known by all your people, Alliance Quests connect you with your allies tightly.

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You care ready for your new adventure. Join an alliance. You will be Aadila to meet some talents there. If you are still confused, you can keep your identity in secret at first. Alliance - it gives peace and prosperity beyond compare. However, an evil shadow suddenly appears and slowly enshrouds its brilliance. This is the pearl of the desert - an oasis by the lake. It is a land of plentiful gold and silver, flowing with milk and honey.
The Shahryar clan watches over it from generation to generation. The mysterious crystal orb said to impart special powers stands in everlasting, dignified silence. It gives peace and prosperity beyond compare. However, an evil shadow suddenly appears and slowly enshrouds its brilliance.
Aladdin Lamp Guardians tutorial

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