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Free hack Albion cheats code list - mount, silver, fame, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Albion cheat world: another survivor! I’m glad you survived the attack unharmed. I wasn’t so lucky - broke my arm when the explosion threw us overboard. I don’t know what happened to the others. Let’s gauge our situation. This tower seems like a good lookout. Climb up there and find out what happened to our ship.
So the ship is stranded nearby but the path is blocked by four bandits? They’re probably heretics, crazed and dangerous outlaws.

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These Heretics will curse the day they shot at us. You’ll need a weapon, friend. I am sure we can craft you a crude sword. Bring some logs and stone. The first step: left or right mouse click on the ground to move. Hold to continue moving. Current quest objectives are displayed in the box on the right. Quest area and quest NPCs are marked on the minimap. You can claim your rewards in chest. Claimed rewards will be delivered to the active character via ingame mail. Use sprint - use the spell on your boots by pressing F.

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Gather wood or stone by left clicking on a tree or a rock. Give the resources to the blacksmith. He will help you craft your weapon. Select the brood sword in the blacksmith’s inventory and press craft. equip items by dragging and dropping them into the proper inventory slot. Right clicking automatically equips items. Spells can be selected by opening the item details (left click on items).

Albion wiki
Combat: left click on an enemy to auto attack. Use your abilities for more powerful attacks. Destiny board consists of nodes. Nodes show the progression and skills of your character. Unlock nodes by hacking or going fame. Defeat any enemies, gathering resources, crafting to gain fame. Details can be viewed by selecting a node. You will unlock equipment and skills by fulfilling the requirements of the next level of the node. You can follow the progress of a specific node by toggling track. The progress of tracked nodes is displayed on the destiny board tracked located in the top right corner of the HUD.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Action is not possible while in combat and force combat mode setting is active.
    Marketplace - here you can sell and buy items. Once you leave the tutorial, marketplaces in the cities will be purely player driven. Almost every item in game is player crafted. All your orders and attached items are stored locally. This means you cannot access these orders or pick up these items from other locations. Use the search bar to look for specific items or the dropdown menus to browse.
  • Check the toolmakers inventory to see what you need to craft.

Albion tips
    Tutorial Albion(wiki) :
  • The toolmaker is a friendly chap, though a bit too stuck up for my taste. Look into his inventory to see what you need to craft on axe and a pickaxe.
  • Combine different armor and weapon types is the pillar of classless system. Adjust your gear to best suit your playstyle, party role or task. You truly are what you wear.
  • Are you looking for affordable land? Consider buying one of our beautiful spacious islands! There are no taxes out here, so upkeep is free!
  • Buildings can only be placed on special terrain (brown area). Click on the construction site to put resources in it.
  • You must hame the required resources in your inventory, then you can press the hammer to put them into the construction site.
  • Studying an item will cause it to break and you will gain at least 200% of the crafting fame you would get from crafting it. You are able to increase the amount of fame by using crafting focus. Studying items in more dangerous areas will also yield more fame.

Albion tutorial

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