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1. y5AxzwfBWZ - resources 2. Hu495ZWLDn - magic scroll 3. ryBzhbtDRI - treasures 4. IwrOb1T6zF - stones One upon the time. They said that the ruler of this continent was a great devil. He ruled the world with tyrannical force and supreme alchemy. He has unlimited power, land, and money. Of course, he is different from other devil! He is compassionate to the people. He is modest and courteous to his subjects. He loves peace! He is beloved by his people.

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Especially his six followers. In short, these bad guys persecuted the devil by some insidious tricks. Since then the devil fell into a deep sleep. Until, a loyal follower to the Devil appeared. They awakened the sleeping devil. He will regain all that he has lost. Bringing light and hope to this continent again!
You are no more knight of justice, but play as a Great Devil in alchemy continent! Now lead your loyal wizard and servant, take back 6 kingdoms belonged to you! Collect all magic creatures and improving creatures with alchemy formula! Tired of battle? There are 43 dungeons for you to explore, to find alchemy mysterious treasures!

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1. PhFSEEYBUJ - level up 2. JviofH728k - rank up 3. n2fZ9MfJF0 - evolve 4. 1BCO7sMT3r - upgrade

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You heard, my greatest master, let me guide your memories. Please choose your troop and click on the ground to control the biological movement. All - click here to select all characters at the same time.
Found the enemy barracks. Please destroy it as soon as possible, otherwise the enemy will continue to appear. You can use the skills of the creature.
The leader of the rebels is about to appear. Command our soldiers to defeat him.
Alchemy War wiki
Gp explore the dungeon, let’s see if there is something we need. You can use the crystal ball to travel between dungeons and the outer world. For each floor you have explored, your soldiers will cost some drinking water. You can view the exploration progress and drinking water storage. There is a guardian at each floor of the ruin, you can only defeat him to unlock the entrance to the next floor. The guardian dropped the entrance to the next level. You only need to arrange the creature to stay next to the entrance for a little while can open the transmission channel.
But we don’t have to continue to explore for the time being.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • We can acquire all kinds of food and magic food inside the dungeon.
  • THe most important target is to conquer the world above ground.
  • Only the soldiers in the combat sequence will affect the CE of the team
  • The condition to win territory is to defeat the boss of the enemy. At present, he has not appeared, should be hiding in the stronghold. When the sector of the enemy is pretty much destroyed, he should show up.
  • After we have conquered the city, we will acquire the information of the creatures exclusive to this city. WIth this information, we can create this kind of creatures through researching at alchemy arrays

Alchemy War tips
Hack cheats tutorial Alchemy War(wiki):
Creation: you can view the present condition of the research. The alchemy arrays requires corresponding magic scroll. Each research will cost us one magic scroll.
We need to place the 7 major metals in alchemy into the slot of the arrays. The more complicated the arrays, the more slots it required. If we have placed the wrong metal, the alchemy will be interrupted. The correct placed slots will be recorded by us.
You can recruit all deployed creatures in one move.
Dungeon: watch out the water stores. THe troop will leave dungeon if lack of water. We can enter from the last level we explored. Or you can choose to start over from the first level.
Element damage penetrate - when subjected to elemental damage, if the element’s resistance is less than 50%, the damage will income higher. The lower the resistance, the higher the damage.
Alchemy War tutorial

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Cadet - young lads who were only trained for a couple of days before being crafted to the battlefield. It’s not easy for them to survive on the cruel battlefield.
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