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We’re in the book of wonder, where we can re-write our destiny! Your hero - alice, she uses diamonds to attack. A run is a sequence of numbers in the same suit: 3,4,5. White rabbit uses clubs to attack. Select all the clubs to make a longer run: 10, j, q, k, a. Complete tasks to charge special powers. Tap the book icon to start a new chapter. The Book of Wonder hasn’t been this colorful since the queen of hearts stole the manuscript. Rebuild Wonderland! We can use that magic page you found to rebuild the warren. Tap the book icon to start rebuilding.

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The wildlife is returning to Wonderland! Things are starting to look hopeful! But the journey ahead won’t be easy, we should build somewhere for you to stay. And if we get the farm back up and running, we’ll have plenty to eat! We can’t battle if we’re tired and hungry, but we’ll need more magic pages. Let’s battle: attack - a set of matching numbers. A set is three or more cards of the same rank. You’ve mastered the set - a great way to make several creatures attack at once.

Alice Legends cheats, hack codes

With the shed repaired we can get to work on the farm. Sometimes you won’t be able to make an attack with the cards in your hand, but we can throw away an unwanted card and keep playing. You earned a special power to use during battle. Redeal - deal new cards to get more voices. Tap the deck to deal new choices. You can use one per turn, so use it wisely. Longer melds - match more cards for more damage. Use the pocket watch of power -it will multiply your attack strength when charged, but when you are attacked by the enemy, it will reset.
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Every successful attack will charge your multiplier by the number of cards in the meld. Remember, it will reset whenever your team takes damage. Watch out! Some creatures can crack your cards when they attack. Remember, cracked cards will do less damage. Skills: Beetle - a devastating rock fall deals 15 damage to each enemy. Rabbit - all enemies are frozen in time for 2 turns.

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