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Free hack Alive 2 Survive cheats code list - soldiers, elders, limited resources, promo ticket, followers, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Alive 2 Survive cheat world: survive the apocalypse! You have been chosen to lead your group. Your goal is to survive as long as you can! The soldiers protect the group from zombies and other hostiles, but they can go too far with their use of force. The followers take care of the chores around camp, but they can be very needy with their requests. The elders help you lead the group, but they can be overzealous with the power they wield.

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The resources are the food, water, tools and supplies your group needs to survive. Keep all 4 in balance. If any get too high or too low the group get into trouble. You’ll encounter zombies, hostile humans, and strangers who can help or hurt you in your guest to survive. Good luck! You find a broken down pickup and search it. You found a sharp, but slightly used knife.

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Daily choice - the elders want a larger share of the daily rations. While on patrol you stumble upon a stranger. You cautiously approach the stranger and begin to talk. The stranger says his name is Duke and he is on his own. He is out of supplies and need help. Instincts tell you Duke is being honest, but what to do with him now? You ask Duke to join and he gladly accepts.
You find an old shed and the door is still locked. A zombie lurches towards you, run away. The zombie grabs your arm, but you free yourself suffering minor wounds.

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A small group of survivors crashed their car near the access road to the camp. Later that day you find the group survivors had been killed by zombies. You discover a broken down motorcycle, and found a can of gasoline. Something was wrong with the gasoline and it damaged one of the vehicles. You find an abandoned store and some water bottles. A zombie lurches towards you, fight! The zombie quickly grabs you and its nasty teeth close in to bite. Knife in hand you quickly stab it towards the zombie. Your knife wildly stabs into the zombie’s body which fails to stop it. Use gun - with gun in hand you quickly aim and pull the trigger. Your shot misses as the zombie clawed its hands into your flesh. Shoot again - a clean headshot between the zombie’s eyes. You’ll always remember your first zombie kill.
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