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Commander, the monsters are constantly pouring in, we need more heroes. The crystal power has been injected into the silver grail (can be used for hero summoning). Let’s go to the temple summon new heroes. Use a new hero to arrange idling battle lineup. Click on the blank space of the battle interface to enter lineup entrance. Within 8 hours of your offline heroes will continue to fight to accumulate loot for you. We are coming soon for elite level.

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Before the war, you need to arrange one elite battle lineup. At each time before elite war, you can rearrange the lineup. Hero attacks or be attacked will both gain energy. Energy strip below the blood strip when full will automatically cast skill. Some heroes were unfortunately crushed in the process of crossing the space time passage soul shard. When the shard accumulates in enough quantities, you can synthetic a new hero.

All Heroes cheats, hack codes

Frontline quick report! Our hero has encountered some trouble in the confrontation! It’s time to strengthen their power. Crystal liquid is our source of energy, which can enhance the hero’s level and stats. In addition to consuming crystal liquid, you also need to consume some gold coins. Blacksmith has sent you new equipment. Auto cheat code - click here to put en the equipment for the hero. We will challenge the new elite level after improving the heroes power.
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The difficulty of the elite level will increase with the progress of the level. Acceleration button can make your character fight faster and more effectively. The following levels will get harder and harder, we also need more powerful units. The store will refresh things from time to time, such as this Golden holy grail! Golden holy grail has a very strong energy, and can easily summon high star hero. The more complete the lineup, the faster your front line advances.

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The loot from the idling has been saved, please remember to claim them to time. Task will gide you forward, expecting you to eliminate the monsters and restore the world to life.
The faction summony event has begun: if you log in every day of the event, you will get the following rewards.
HuB3iB - skill points
4u4mM8 - treasure chest
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