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Alliance at War cheat world: dear lord, this is Leon, the leader of magic union, and the brother of the king. the demon Pappas invaded our kingdom, slayed the king and siezed our royal city, the land of Ahzeriah is now in great danger. I escaped from the royal city and established the magic union to fight against them! Please grow strong and fight with us. From now on, the castle is yours, my best assistant will help you out, and i hope to see you myself very soon. Together we must grow strong, defeat Pappas and dominate Ahzeriah!

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First off, we need to build a sawmill in order to gather wood for building! Let's follow the quest hint to get started! We've completed the first quest, now let's claim the rewards. Now let's build a farm, it will provide enough food for training troops. Upgrade barracks to increase your training limit. gems are precioys, soon we'll make good use of them. Now lets train some soldiers. Since we've have some spare gems, let's speed up the training process.

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The continent is full of both treasures and dangers. We can find valuable resources and items everywhere. The injured units from battle have already been sent to the hospital/ The legendary knight marcos has come to our city! If you complete your quests fast enough, we might impress him.
Demons are marching to us! Let's switch our defense strategy to defend city, let's him them hard.

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Protect troops strategy is on all troops and towers in the city won't participate in defense. Ater switching strategy, all troops and defense towers will participate in city defense. And you will not be able to switch it again in 1 hours. Are you sure to do that (the more times you switch strategy, the longer the cool down time will be. The time refreshes every day)?

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: it's a great honor to witness your victory. This makes me very confident of the future. With you leading us, we will surely drive the demons out of Ahzeriah! This is our humble gift for you. Thank you for your contribution: building speed up hack, training speed up, equipment material, gold, soul shards.

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Tutorial Alliance at War (wiki): want a lot of resources and items? Go plunder the caravans. Upgrade storage to increase the protected resource capacity. Upgrade raily point to expand your troop size. Upgrade city hall to increase the amount of aid you can receive from allies and increase the amount of time allies can help you save each time.

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