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Cheat Along with the Gods hack android, ios code

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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Along with the Gods Cheats
attribute hero scroll x10 - use hack #q2Q35FLqh
hero token x10 - enter pass #Y6XXOnbGg
premium scroll x 10 - #R9r5tKsz9
100 keys - #YF05Qxxj4
10x philosopher’s stone - #CqPhCvqHm
100x mythical hero scroll - #dwlJanMkr
1 Month Card code - #eMi1fgQNu
upgrade cheat - #BKoiu5kbE
500k gold coins - #kZAW3XApQ
premium rune set - #GZBCExZVh
secret combination - #jUmUHFYK0
level up - #fgFFOaddv
awakening incarnation - #TJDUp1Vot
unlock heroes - #oO6IvW2ua
promote - #zmeF2FWB4
high rune gemstone - #FYjDxqMJG
hero shards - #iaMlkzh9P
evolution incarnation - #L1eVaRZG0
legendary hero scroll piece - #D0UdVyp7W
mythical hero scroll pack - #UWqTFCynb
1000 gems - #kEyielOer
essence pack - #ad2DRzjlP
special reward - #zDdO28WFI
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Along with the Gods Story
Loux's soul was destroyed by Mara's attack and was scattered across the sky. People who witnessed this recorded it as light rained from the sky.
200 years later with the light scattered, the darkness has covered the world. You must gather the artifacts of Loux and bring back the power of light. Assemble the fellowship and lead them in this journey to save the world.
The Artifacts of Loux are hidden all across the world. You must find Lilly. SHe is the proxy of the oracle. She will guide your way to the artifacts.
Along with the Gods Basics
We’ll need lots of companions for the adventures in the future. Let's form a team to prepare for the adventure ahead of us. Leo and Ian will be in the frontline since Leo is in charge of melee and Ian in charge of defense, and clair and Hellen can come after in the backline since Clair is in charge of magic attack and Hellen is in charge of support. Try equipping runes (attack, life, magic, defense, critical, patience, accuracy, evasion). It will be of great help in the battles. I heard there are different types of runes and the runes will shine when you equip multiple runes of the same type, and you can also acquire secondary stats accordingly. You can strengthen your runes through power-up to make the effects better.
1. You can earn more EXP by using heroes with higher levels and grade as upgrade material.
2. Evolve your heroes to increase the star grade up to 6 stars.
3. Power-up runes or equip rune sets if the battles become harder.
4. You can increase the grade of the rune gemstones and the essences at the alchemy house.
5. High rune gemstone - material required to craft runes at the rune craft house. The grade of the rune that can be crafted will increase as the grade of the rune gemstone increases. Available from the raid with a fixed chance and can be purchase with ancient coins.
6. Keys - are used to enter the scenario mode, Sanctum of strength, and raids. 1 key is recharged every 3 minutes and keys can be purchased additionally. The number of MAX keys will increase whenever the team level increases.
Patch Version
Along with the Gods Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date15 September 2020
Last Modified15 September 2020
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