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An alien vessel landed in Langley Falls and the CIA needs to beat anyone else to the scene. There’s no telling how the public would react! We’ll get there first and set up a distraction. Dick and I have been working on a very passionate kiss that is impossible to ignore. I’ve been cloning an army to fight enemy. SO there are a bunch of Rogers. Here’s the deal> Aliens calling themselves collectors are pulling people off the streets and taking over their minds. We can’t help anyone until we fix house up. I mean, we could, but i don’t want to. If we’re going to win this war, we need a place foe our clone troops. They should hang out in my room, cause you know...I could use the company.

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You know upgrading is one of those problems you can just throw money at. Warning, when you begin upgrading the room, all actions being performed by the Rogers will be interrupted. Roger’s place - this room allows you to recruit fighters in a battle squad to launch attacks or defend your house. You can assemble a fighting team by moving clones to Roger’s place. In case you’re wondering, i moved my bar to the basement. I just love the acoustics down there. Tap and hold a Roger to move it.

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Our fighters will need weapons to fight with. YOu know what i’ve found cuts like a knife? Knives. hang on, you can’t loose a bunch of Rogers on the streets without disguises. Dig through the storage facility and see what you can find. World on the street is that Principal Lewis is helping the collectors! We can track him by following that obnoxious laugh. Man, that guy stays so happy. We need to find out what Lewis is up to. Looks like i’ll have to kick down a few doors and break a few heads to find him. I doubt he’s at tuttle’s but let’s start with a fun one.
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The clones are getting weary. We better build a kitchen to feed them all. Or, we could wait until a few die and feed those to the other. No, a kitchen is the right way to go on this one. Send a clone to the kitchen to cook. I’m in the mood for Spanakopita but don’t tell him that. A real chef will pick up on my energy. We need to appoint a clone as Banker to make more money to upgrade the house. How do we fell about carpet that comes half way up the wall? I’m against it, but maybe i could be convinced. Now that the house is in order, we can continue chasing down Principal Lewis! I made a shank out of a toothbrush so i could stab myself and brush his teeth.
Ok, the clones are deployed. It took a lot of self control not to deploy my fists into all those smartass Rogers.

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We found a suitcase during the fight! I can’t wait to peek inside. Even if it’s all crap in there, i’m gonna blow a fart into it and lock it away for later. Those are my little treasures. We need to upgrade the situation room to upgrade the other rooms in the house. I taught you everything i know about managing the clones. You’re on your own for now. If you want my advice on clone management, use a lot of hand sanitizer. And if you need help, just look for someone with this face and big, beautiful, bulbous head. Good luck!
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