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The world and characters you will encounter are meant to represent archetypes of a place and of a moment, not the exact depiction of what happened. Latest scientific discoveries were used as guidelines. Gain strength in numbers and advance the species. Survive the elements, teach your family, build a home. An remember, evolution is not set in stone, it is your path to forge.
Regain safety in a Hiding Spot or in your clan’s settlement. Tap Y to use your intelligence. Use to identify a hiding spots, your clan’s settlement, or other practical items. DOn’t move to stay in intelligence. Look around to highlight a point of interest, then follow the steps displayed on the contextual UI.

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Move in the direction you want. Hold A to sprint, release A to jump. To cancel Jump, stop moving before releasing A. Tap X to use your senses to help you locate any member of your clan. Don’t move to stay in the senses. This is the representation of the sounds within range. Tap B then wait for the answers to progressively comfort the kid. Lower the temperature. Take the time to listen. Intelligence can also be used to discover practical items, and to visualize the things you have identified.

Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey cheats, hack codes

Jump then hold A to grab the foliage or the creepers when passing through it. Trunks, branches and rock walls are grabbed automatically. Avatar’s vitality: life expectancy - reduces by poisoning, injures and exhaustion. Limited by Avatar’s age. Stamina - reduces by the intesity of your actions. Refills by eating, drinking and sleeping. Limited by life expectancy. Energy - reduces by your actions. Refills automatically. Limited by stamina level. Your avatar’s vitality - updates after sleeping for 1 hour or more. Highes on a healthy lifestyle.
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Stop moving to see all the contextual actions offered. They vary according to your situation. Having children nearby allows the accumulation of neuronal energy. More children around means increased accumulation. Some items can lead to construction possibilities when in stockpile, depending on their number. When built, a sleep spot is at the basis of every settlements. Tap A to lie down on a sleep spot. Grooming to form a couple with an adult is the only way to mate and to eventually give birth. Tap A to stand up and increase the range of your senses.

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Dopamine is needed to avoid hysteria when in fear. Your lineage can’t assimilate nutrients from the Eumycota (mushrooms) kind of food. Eumycotas improve your resistance against injures and poisoning. Become omnivorous through neuronal development.
Meteorites’ radiation’s effects: kids without mutation neuron now have one - if they were with you. A growing neuron is now initiated and energized. Every living kid now brings 1 more reinforcement for this generation. Your stamina level depends on the way you drink, eat and sleep over a 24 hours period. Your body will reset your needs after each sleeping period.
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